Custom Lift Tables

Custom Lift Tables

Custom Lift Tables Designed and Engineered to Your Specifications


Do you need a customized lift table? Maybe your company requires a larger platform, a higher capacity, portability, more safety accessories, a stainless steel composition, a pit mounted design, an extra high-rise lift, and so on.


Whatever your particular need, you can fill out a request for a quote or call one of our product specialists who will assist you in finding the right solution.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Lift Table

Establishing your needs is the first step in creating a custom lift table. A Cherry’s Industrial representative will be happy to work with you and determine the specific features you require.

Some of the things we will consider include:

  • Application: What will the lift table be used to move, and how will it fit into your overall workflow? Will it be required to work continuously throughout the day, or only occasionally? How will your employees be moving around it? Will hand or foot operation be more convenient? Will the product need to be tilted? Will the table connect to a conveyor belt or loading platform? Can specific electronic controls, such as one-touch auto levelling, add to your productivity?
  • Capabilities: What is the maximum weight you will need to lift? What size items will you be moving? To what heights will they need to be moved? Will the product be evenly or unevenly distributed? Are you working with hazardous materials, liquids or other items that have special handling requirements? Will the load be consistent or does your application involve unloading multiple boxes or items from a lifted pallet? These and other considerations will determine the technical requirements of your custom lift table.
  • Environment: Will your lift table be used indoors or out? Will it be stationary or moved from location to location? Will grid power be available at all times? Is there room for an air compressor to drive a pneumatic system? Will your lift table be used in extreme temperatures, or exposed to harsh chemicals? Will it need to be decontaminated regularly? A custom lift table can include features such as stainless steel construction for additional durability or oil-free mechanics for use in clean rooms.
  • Safety: A variety of customizable features can be added to any standard lift table to improve safety outcomes and manage risk. A non-skid platform can help secure shifting objects in place. Accordion bellows can be installed to prevent clothes or fingers from getting stuck in a scissor lift table’s mechanisms. Toe guards and sensing edges can prevent feet from being crushed. Structural strengthening can make a unit’s table more secure, particularly if workers will be standing on it in unstable ground conditions. Let our team perform a comprehensive hazard assessment and determine the best combination of safety features for your custom lift table.

These are just a few of the questions and options we’ll help you consider when putting together a custom lift table.

Working With Cherry’s Industrial Ensures Quality and Dependability

Few companies have the custom lift table manufacturing and modification capabilities of Cherry’s Industrial. Since 1983, we’ve been providing comprehensive material handling solutions for clients in a range of different industries. Our experienced staff specializes in solving complex engineering challenges, whether it’s with an off-the-shelf solution or with a custom lift table designed to your requirements.

Why settle for warehouse equipment that doesn’t solve your problem completely? Avoid workarounds and unsafe conditions with a custom lift table by Cherry’s Industrial. Request a quote using the form on this page, or contact our office directly for assistance.

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