Economy Hand Trucks

Economy Hand Trucks

Economy Appliance Hand Trucks Help You Meet Your Goals Affordably


A hand truck can be useful on the factory floor, and is a versatile addition to manufacturing facilities. Whether you use our economy hand trucks for carrying equipment across the factory or moving lightweight materials up or down the stairs, these hand trucks are extremely useful for heavy or frequent load transport.


Cherry’s Industrial Equipment steel hand trucks are rated for lighter loads than our deluxe models, but even our most affordable economy model can still handle a 500 lbs. load.

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Ease the Strain on Your Workers by Utilizing Economy Appliance Hand Trucks

Industrial and factory workers make use of hand trucks every day across the country to move all types of loads more efficiently and safely. Trying to move heavy and bulky items by hand can be uncomfortable — and sometimes dangerous. The advantages of using a hand truck for your equipment and materials include:

  • Efficiency: Using a hand truck can reduce the number of trips workers need to make. Their vertical design allows for stacking of boxes and materials for maximum efficiency. The large design of the nose plate means you can distribute the weight evenly, making for smoother transport.
  • Load density: Our economy lift trucks can carry up to 500 lbs. This weight is significantly more than any one person or even multiple people could lift in one go. This load rating allows a single person to move equipment and materials they would otherwise need a team of people to lift.
  • Safety: Manual movement of materials, especially when they’re bulky and heavy, causes physical stress on the person carrying them. It is hard to maintain the right posture to protect backs, arms and legs when carrying loads, whereas our economy hand trucks distribute the load and lessen the strain on your employees.
  • Maneuverability: With two large rubber wheels, our hand trucks are easy to steer strategically around obstacles. They are narrow enough to fit down small aisles and through small passages. Once the load is placed on the nose plate, simply tipping the hand truck back gives the user the needed leverage for pushing, pulling and steering.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment: Your Supplier for the Best in Economy Appliance Hand Trucks

Few industrial settings, such as factories, warehouses or loading docks, are complete without a versatile hand truck to make quick work of transporting materials and equipment. At Cherry’s Industrial, our economy models are practical and affordable. They can easily be loaded into the back of a truck or van for use at your destination, or for keeping handy in a warehouse or shipping area when needed.

All of our economy products are designed to solve your problems and streamline your efficiency. They’re built to last. In the case of our economy hand trucks, the sturdy steel frames are painted with a corrosion-resistant paint for increased longevity. The strong tires and bearings optimize durability and smooth operation, making them suitable for various surfaces. Our economy hand trucks require very little maintenance, so they’re always ready to be put to work.

You can find out more details on each of our economy hand truck models in just a few clicks. Once you’ve found the model that suits, we’re here to answer any questions you might have. Call us at 877-350-2729 to speak with a product specialist or fill out our easy online contact form.

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