Hand Trucks

Appliance Hand Trucks

Explore our selection of economy, deluxe, convertible, drum, and appliance hand trucks.How heavy and how bulky is the product or material that you have to move through your facility? Let Cherry's selection of hand trucks assist you in transporting product. Capacities range anywhere from 300 lbs to 1,200 lbs.

Our steel hand trucks are rated for lighter loads than our deluxe models, but even our most affordable economy model can still handle a 500 lbs. load.
A heavy duty hand truck will give you the best lifting and hauling abilities possible in a hand truck.
Improve your loading and transport options with a convertible hand truck to transport your medium weight loads on two wheels.
Moving heavy equipment up and down stairs requires the leveraging power and strength of an appliance hand truck.
The drum hand truck is an essential piece of machinery in any factory that stores liquid drums.