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Hand Trucks Make Moving Equipment Efficient While Reducing Strain


When you’re moving heavy or bulky items, making use of a hand truck is important. It allows you to distribute the weight and saves strain on the back of those doing the transporting. In an industrial setting, having the right appliance hand truck for the job saves you time and allows for more efficient movement of any type of appliance, equipment or container.


Here at Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we offer a wide range of hand trucks, each designed with specific features and advantages for different kinds of loads.

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Our steel hand trucks are rated for lighter loads than our deluxe models, but even our most affordable economy model can still handle a 500 lbs. load.
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A heavy duty hand truck will give you the best lifting and hauling abilities possible in a hand truck.
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Improve your loading and transport options with a convertible hand truck to transport your medium weight loads on two wheels.
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Moving heavy equipment up and down stairs requires the leveraging power and strength of an appliance hand truck.
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The drum hand truck is an essential piece of machinery in any factory that stores liquid drums.

Choose the Hand Truck You Need From Our Wide Selection

When you’re deciding which hand truck to purchase, you need to consider things like your budget, the shape and size of what you’re transporting and the weight. If you’re only moving one type of item — such as drums —you can pick the hand truck specifically designed for that purpose. If you move a variety of items, you can look at our range of hand trucks that allow for a wider range of loads.

Our hand trucks fall into the following categories:

  • Economy hand trucks: These steel trucks may be relatively basic in design, but they’re strong and rugged and can carry up to 500 lbs. Sturdy construction makes these hand trucks a great value, as they will be working for years helping you transport items around your facility. They resist corrosion and include large, comfortable handgrips and rubber wheels for smooth rolling. Their vertical design allows you to stack a large number of boxes or handle taller appliances and equipment.
  • Deluxe hand trucks: We’ve added some features to these hand trucks to make them even more appealing. They are available in aluminum and stainless steel. You can choose the material that matches your weight and durability needs. Handle design is optimized for comfort and control, allowing for heavier load carry than our economy models. You also get an extremely thin nose plate, which helps get under loads on the ground for fast and easy transport. Large rubber tires improve steering.
  • Convertible hand trucks: For heavier or bulkier loads, a convertible hand truck gives you greater flexibility. They can be used as standard hand trucks or converted into flat-loading trucks on four wheels (two large rubber ones and two smaller casters). The option to switch between upright and horizontal loading allows you to accommodate more material and appliance moving situations. In some cases, you can make use of one hand truck instead of purchasing two different models.
  • Appliance hand trucks: When you have heavier appliances, moving safely up and down stairs requires the use of an appliance hand truck designed specifically for that task. Attempting to move appliances by hand or with a hand truck that is too small can be dangerous. Doing so increases the risk to the movers, the appliance and the home or building itself. Our sturdy appliance hand trucks include straps for securely attaching the appliance to the hand truck for added safety.
  • Drum hand trucks: Moving drums of chemicals and products is much easier when you make use of a purpose-designed drum hand truck. The bulky shape and weight of large drums make them difficult to transport with a standard hand truck. Because of their round shape, most of the weight is off the end of the nose plate. Thanks to the design of our drum hand trucks, the weight of the drum is centered on the hand truck for easier positioning.

Trust the Experts at Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for Your Hand Truck Needs

No matter what your load is, Cherry’s Industrial has a hand truck designed to carry it. You can browse through the specifications of our individual models to see which best meets your needs. It just takes a few clicks to get the hand truck you require for more efficient and safer transportation of your appliances, equipment, drums and other items.

Feel free to fill out our easy online contact form, or call us at 877-350-2729 to speak with a product specialist. We’ll answer any questions you might have.

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