Hand Trucks

Appliance Hand Trucks

Explore our selection of economy, deluxe, convertible, drum, and appliance hand trucks.How heavy and how bulky is the product or material that you have to move through your facility? Let Cherry's selection of hand trucks assist you in transporting product. Capacities range anywhere from 300 lbs to 1,200 lbs.

A hand truck can be useful on the factory floor, and is a versatile addition to manufacturing facilities. Whether you use our economy hand trucks for carrying equipment across the factory, or moving lightweight materials up or down the stairs, these hand trucks are extremely useful for heavy or frequent load transport. Our steel hand trucks are rated for lighter loads than our deluxe models, but even our most affordable economy model can still handle a 500 lbs. load.

A heavy duty hand truck will give you the best lifting and hauling abilities possible in a hand truck. From our lightweight aluminum models to our heavy-duty stainless steel models, our deluxe hand trucks are designed to endure the most punishing industrial environments while giving you years of reliable use. Rated for either 500 or 600 lb. loads, you can find a hand truck with dual handles for added control, or "P" shaped handles or one-handed operation.

Hand trucks typically transport your medium weight loads on two wheels. Our convertible hand trucks / dollies take moments to collapse and break down into four-wheeled versions. With load capacities around 700 on four wheels and 600 on two, there is a lot you can accomplish with these. Most collapsible and convertible hand trucks weigh less than 30 pounds. This, coupled with the fact that they are two tools in one, means they require little storage space and are easily moved around the shop.

Moving appliances can be dangerous work without proper equipment. With an appliance hand truck, you'll be able to handle even the most awkward appliances. Awkward loads put movers at risk of injury, making the use of proper equipment absolutely necessary. Our selection of hand trucks will help you move loads safely over multiple surfaces and elevations, including hills, stairways and uneven surfaces and flooring.

Drum hand trucks give you the ability to move industrial drums and barrels safely and easily, as well as other rounded materials where a cradle would be ideal. Our drum trucks come in both basic models, designed for moving standard drums, to more multi-purpose models, which can carry a range of loads in surprising amount of time.