Drum Hand Trucks

Drum Hand Trucks

Drum Hand Trucks Make Moving Industrial Drums Safe and Simple


Drum hand trucks give you the ability to move industrial drums and barrels safely and easily, as well as other rounded materials where a cradle would be ideal. Our drum trucks come in basic models, designed for moving standard drums, and multi-purpose models, which can carry a range of loads in a short amount of time.

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Ensure Safety and Stability During Transport With Our Drum Hand Trucks

Every type of load presents its own challenges. In the case of industrial drums and barrels, the challenge is often with the shape and load center. Due to the rounded shape of drums, they can’t easily be fit snuggly against a standard hand truck. This means that only a bit of the drum base would be in contact with the nose plate, which makes transport unstable and unsafe.

Another issue with drums is that they often have fluid or loose materials inside. As you start to move, the contents can shift, causing your load to become unbalanced. If your drum is on a standard hand truck, there’s a chance it may come off, which can cause damage, spillage or injury.

At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we offer unique solutions to all of your industrial transportation needs. That’s why we carry many different models of drum hand trucks. They’re designed to handle common shapes and sizes of drums and make it easy to transport them where you need them. Our drum truck designs include:

  • Curved frames: The frames match the shape of the drums you’re transporting, allowing for a snug fit and proper positioning. With your drum securely placed against the frame, it won’t slide when you tilt it back. This reduces the risk of your drum rolling off the hand truck, whether you’re moving across the ground or up or down stairs and inclines.
  • Secure nose plates: The nose plate design of drum trucks is also carefully considered. Several of our models have fingers that lodge under the edge of your drum and keep it securely in place. Other models feature a wide flat base for smooth-bottomed drums and barrels. This gives you greater flexibility when choosing your drum hand truck and lets you move a range of drum types.
  • Ergonomic handles: Once your drum is loaded on your drum truck, it’s time to transport it. That’s where our intelligent handle design comes into play. We’ve positioned the handles to be at the right length and angle for workers of all heights. They can get a comfortable grip as they steer the drum truck, adding to the speed and safety at which they can work.
  • Smooth wheels and bearings: To avoid bumps and jostles while transporting, our drum trucks feature large rubber wheels that allow for smooth movement. The wheel bearings are designed for durability, meaning you can get years of use out of your drum truck even when you frequently carry the maximum load.

Choose From Our Wide Inventory of Drum Hand Trucks at Cherry’s Industrial

We have a variety of drum truck models that suit an expansive range of drum transportation needs. Our standard upright models are perfect for fast and easy drum picking and placing, while our inclined models give you added comfort and security when moving heavy drums across longer distances.

You’ll find all the information and specifications you need right here on our site. Feel free to contact us through our online form or by phone at 877-350-2729 if you need help choosing a drum hand truck. We’ll help you make the right selection from our quality models.

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