Deluxe Hand Trucks

Deluxe Hand Trucks

Deluxe Hand Trucks Provide the Best Lifting and Hauling Abilities for Your Business


A heavy-duty hand truck will give you the highest lifting and hauling capabilities possible in a hand truck. From our lightweight aluminum models to our heavy-duty stainless steel models, our deluxe hand trucks are designed to endure the most punishing industrial environments while giving you years of reliable use.


Rated for either 500 or 600 lbs. loads, you can find a hand truck with dual handles for added control, or "P" shaped handles for one-handed operation.

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Select Your Deluxe Hand Truck Based on the Needs of Your Enterprise

At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, our deluxe hand trucks are made from aluminum or stainless steel. They are designed for ease of loading, transportation and durability, and provide years of reliable use. Both metals have properties that make them ideal for different applications:

  • Benefits of aluminum: Aluminum is known for its light weight. Pure aluminum is relatively soft, but when alloyed and treated, it can become very strong and durable. The aluminum used in our deluxe hand trucks can carry up to 600 lbs. while maintaining its easily-maneuverable lightweight. Choose a deluxe aluminum hand truck if you often need to transport it over long distances or in the back of a truck or other vehicle. The lighter weight makes it easier to lift and lower when not in use. When loaded, the overall weight you’re transporting is lower than with a heavier hand truck.
  • Benefits of stainless steel: Stainless steel is an extremely strong, alloyed steel that resists bending and corrosion. This strength makes our deluxe stainless steel hand trucks ideally suited to use in severe conditions and rough environments. Buying a stainless steel hand truck is an investment that you can take advantage of for years. Solid welding means that you can load these hand trucks to their maximum rating repeatedly without damaging them. There is also little maintenance required with our stainless steel hand trucks. You can choose from a variety of configurations designed for optimal steering and loading.

Think about how you will be using your hand truck. This analysis will help you choose which material is best suited to your loads, transportation types and environment. You may find that choosing one of each type will give you the flexibility you need for all of your material handling needs.

To make sure that all of our deluxe hand trucks are easy to use and durable, several features are included across models. You’ll always get large rubber wheels that give smooth rolling over rough surfaces. They also provide grip for transporting up and down stairs and inclines. Wheel bearings are sturdy and wear-resistant for years of trouble-free use. Handle design is optimized for a comfortable grip and maximum leverage when you’re loaded up to 600 lbs.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Offers the Best in Equipment and Service

A deluxe hand truck from Cherry’s Industrial gives you many advantages over more basic models. We invite you to check out the ratings and details of each model here in our catalog help to select the model or models that suit your applications. If you have questions, simply call us at 877-350-2729 to speak with a product specialist or fill out our online contact form. Start taking advantage of the load transport capabilities of our deluxe hand trucks today.

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