Appliance Hand Trucks

Appliance Hand Trucks

Appliance Hand Trucks Handle Awkward Loads With Ease


Moving appliances can be dangerous work without proper equipment. With an appliance hand truck, you're able to handle even the bulkiest of appliances. Awkward loads put movers at risk of injury, making the use of proper equipment necessary. Our selection of hand trucks will help you move loads safely over multiple surfaces and elevations, including hills, stairways and uneven surfaces and flooring.

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When to Use an Appliance Hand Truck Over a Standard Hand Truck

Some customers ask what the difference is between our standard hand tucks and our appliance hand trucks. A lot of thought and design goes into optimizing our appliance hand trucks for use transporting heavy and bulky appliances. When making the decision for a job, you should consider:

  • Size: Due to the size of most appliances, a standard hand truck often won’t suit. The small nose plate of most regular hand trucks doesn’t allow for secure loading. Our appliance hand trucks have a much wider nose plate and frame design, allowing for better weight distribution. This nose plate width also means the wheels or feet of the appliance are loaded and you’re not damaging the underside of the appliance. The rubber facing of the frame protects appliances from dents and scratches.
  • Weight: The weight of household appliances means you often need a strong and sturdy hand truck designed for such loads. Trying to use a standard hand truck can cause damage to the truck or the appliance, since too much weight can cause the hand truck to bend or break. We have models rated up to 1200 lbs., meaning you can take care of heavy appliances such as refrigerators, washers and ovens without worrying about damaging the hand truck.
  • Security: Unlike smaller loads being transported across level surfaces, home appliances often get moved up and down stairs, as well as across uneven ground. This is why it’s necessary to secure your appliance to the hand truck before you move it. All of our appliance hand trucks feature an integrated, adjustable strap for attaching your appliance to the frame of the hand truck. This strap guarantees your appliance won’t shift and fall, potentially causing damage or injury.
  • Ergonomics: It’s important to consider the working conditions of movers. Our appliance lift trucks support most of the load and include a handle design that gives workers of different sizes the grip they need. The large loop handles are easy to grasp for lifting and lowering down stairs or off a truck, while the various grab points allow for easy maneuvering through tight spaces and doorways. Some models even feature additional support wheels for easy transport when the appliance is inclined.

Choosing a hand truck that’s adapted to appliance transport saves time, effort and mitigates the risk of damage and injury.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment: Your Appliance Hand Truck Provider

We provide additional information on each of our appliance hand trucks in our online catalog. Simply select the model that suits your moving needs and add it to your shopping cart. If you have any additional questions, you can speak with a team member through our easy-to-use contact form, or reach us by phone at 877-350-2729. We’ll help you make the right choice.

Our online checkout is fast, easy and secure. Avoid the hassle of moving appliances manually by choosing a Cherry’s Industrial Equipment appliance hand truck that provides ease of use and durability. You’ll get the features you want for fast and comfortable appliance transportation every time.

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