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Even the most conscientious, well-trained forklift operator can have an unfortunate “close encounter” with a warehouse post at some point. Post guards and protectors put up a barrier to protect machinery or personnel from moving equipment. Use them to protect rack and shelving uprights, partitions and other warehouse structures from collisions that can result in costly repairs or damage to stored products before shipping. 

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Turn to Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for Tough, Reliable Post Guards

Look no further than Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for a wide selection of high-quality post protectors at affordable prices. These sturdy and inexpensive steel post protectors come in a variety of sizes — available post heights include 12”, 18” and 24”. All post guards are constructed from heavy-duty 1/5”-thick 7-gauge steel and are designed to wrap around a 3” vertical column face. They also feature a standard inside dimension width size of 4.5”.

Valuable Post Protector Features and Benefits

Important post guard features and benefits include:

  • Easy mounting: The post guard’s base plate includes four holes measuring 5/8” in diameter. These pre-drilled holes enable fast, easy installation with the use of wedge anchors (available as an optional purchase). Your crew will be able to achieve a close, protective fit in no time.
  • Multiple heights: The availability of three different post heights makes it easy to choose a protector that is compatible with your warehouse’s uprights or other structures.
  • High visibility: Our post guards feature a hard, glossy yellow painted finish that makes it easy for your forklift operators to see them — and avoid running into them.
  • Prevention of costly damage: A collision with a post can cause extensive damage to forklifts and the products stored on racks and shelving. Post guards provide a protective barrier that can significantly lower your risk of costly repairs and destroyed product.
  • Elimination of disruptions to your workflow: Collisions and the resulting structural damage can interrupt your order selection process and limit your ability to fill your orders in an expeditious manner. Post protectors can help keep your warehouse processes on track so that you can continue to meet the demands of your customers.
  • Drop in injuries: Falling overhead rack structures due to post collisions can cause serious injuries to workers who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Minimize your risk of violating OSHA safety regulations. Use post protectors to give you peace of mind and know you’re doing everything possible to keep your employees safe.
  • Cost-effective protection solution: Our post protectors cost less than $50, which makes them an extremely affordable protection solution for any company.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment: Trusted Material Handling Equipment Specialists

Our more than 30 years of material handling equipment experience means you can trust Cherry’s Industrial Equipment to provide the best solution for your company. We only offer high-quality products from top manufacturers that we’ve tested in our work environment. You can also trust our equipment experts to help you select the right product for your application and budget.

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