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Many of the machines used in manufacturing and industrial operations contain moving parts that can cause serious injuries. It’s imperative to have safeguards in place to prevent accidental contact with machinery while it is in operation.


High-profile machinery guards establish a protective barrier that keep workers out of harm’s way, and minimize the risk of impact from improperly operated forklifts and other mobile equipment. They provide an economical protection solution that can also ensure regulatory compliance.

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Has the Right Machinery Guard at the Right Price

Minimize the risk of employee injury around plant equipment and machinery with Cherry’s Industrial machinery guards. Our machinery guards are constructed from heavy-duty steel and come in a variety of sizes and rail options that comply with OSHA hand railing requirements. In addition to serving as a protective barrier for machinery, our guards can also protect racks, building walls and expensive manufacturing equipment. Our material handling equipment experts can help you identify the best machinery guard model for your applications and budget.

Key Machinery Guard Features and Benefits

Valuable machinery guard features and benefits include:

  • Solid steel construction: The use of high-grade steel ensures your machinery protectors will withstand even the most severe impacts and provide maximum durability. You’ll have peace of mind of knowing that your guards will provide the reliable long-term protection solution your industrial operation needs.
  • Prevention of expensive repairs and replacements: A forklift that strikes an expensive piece of equipment can cause thousands of dollars in damage and may even require a full replacement. The installation of machinery guards can end up lowering your overall equipment maintenance and repair costs, which can significantly improve your company’s bottom line.
  • Reduced workplace injuries: Injuries that involve time off from work inhibit your company’s ability to meet its productivity goals. Machinery guards help you create a safer work environment — and allow you stay in compliance with stringent OSHA safety regulations.
  • Fast, easy installation: The two base plates with four drilling holes per plate simplify machinery guard installation. Your crew can complete the job quickly, helping to minimize your labor costs. Their relatively light weight allows your team to transport and move them into position with ease. They also require very little preventive maintenance.
  • Highly visible, protective finish: The machinery guard’s baked-in yellow powder coated finish makes it easily visible to your workers on the floor, which reduces the risk of accidents. It also protects the guard against the elements during use in outdoor work environments.
  • Affordability: At a price of under $200, a machinery guard offers an extremely cost-effective protection solution that can provide a substantial return on investment in the form of diminished repair costs and lost-time injuries.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment: Your Total Machinery Guard Solutions Provider

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offers top-quality machinery guards from respected manufacturers. We are committed to providing customers with a material handling product that provides a total solution for their unique problem. This approach has helped us gain a large and loyal following of repeat customers since the founding of our company back in 1983.

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