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Protect Your Equipment and Personnel With Our Conveyor Guards  


Conveyor guards are essential protective equipment for any warehousing or manufacturing operation that implements a conveyor system. Without high-quality conveyor guards in place, there is nothing to prevent a carelessly operated lift truck or other material handling machine from ramming the conveyor stand.


This can result in serious damage to your equipment and prevent you from filling your orders in a timely manner. Even worse, your employees could experience serious injuries.

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Offers a Wide Assortment of Protective Conveyor Guards

Protect your employees and reduce accident rates around warehouse conveyor systems with Cherry’s Industrial conveyor guards. Built with durability and high visibility in mind, our conveyor guards and act as solid barriers between forklift traffic and conveyor stands. Our conveyor guards are floor mounted to hold them securely in place during heavy impact. We feature conveyor protectors measuring 12” in height and lengths ranging from 3’ to 10’, allowing you to choose the product best suited to your work environment.

Overview of Conveyor Guard Features and Benefits

Key conveyor guard features and benefits include:

  • Easy installation: Conveyor guards come with all installation hardware and ½” wedge anchors for fast, easy floor mounting. The heaviest guard model weighs only 128 lbs., allowing your crews to move it easily into place.
  • Varied section lengths provide maximum flexibility: With so many section lengths from which to choose, you can easily create a customized conveyor guard run that meets your unique protection requirements. You can also reconfigure the run to accommodate changes in your production processes and workflow.
  • Solid construction: Our conveyor guards are made from heavy-duty steel, making them extremely impact-resistant and durable.
  • High visibility: Conveyor protectors feature a bright yellow powder coat finish, making them easily visible to your forklift operators and other warehouse personnel.
  • Lower damage costs: By helping to prevent collisions with your conveyor stands, conveyor guards minimize accident-related damage to equipment and products. This can minimize costly equipment repairs and prevent disruptions to your production cycle.
  • Improved worker safety: The installation of conveyor guards creates a safer work environment and helps you maintain compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Bulk pricing saves you money: You can purchase conveyor guards in bulk quantities, which can result in significant savings when compared to the single-unit price.

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is a leading supplier of high-quality material handling equipment for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Our more than 30 years of experience enables us to find the best, most affordable material handling solution for every customer. Our secure, user-friendly website makes it easy to locate and order your equipment, and our knowledgeable staff is readily available to provide personalized product assistance when you need it.

Take a Closer Look at Our Conveyor Guard Inventory

Join the thousands of companies that rely on Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for the best material handling products at budget-friendly prices. Review the individual product descriptions to learn more about our conveyor guard selection.

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