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Safeguard Your Workplace With Our Selection of Column Guards  


The columns, beams, pipes and posts found within most manufacturing and warehousing facilities are susceptible to collision damage from wayward forklifts and other heavy material handling equipment. This can result in expensive repairs and even jeopardize the structural integrity of your facility.


Column guards serve as a protective buffer that guards against heavy impact — they endure most of the collision, enabling the column or other support structure to remain intact. 

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Column Guards from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Provide an Effective Defense

Avoid personnel injury and costly repairs with our heavy-duty column guards and protectors. These column protectors are constructed of heavy-duty weld steel and protect warehouse and in-plant columns, posts, beams and other vertical support members. We offer 36”- and 48”-high column guards featuring a solid two-piece construction, along with all the hardware needed to connect the two pieces together.

Key Column Protector Features and Benefits

Browse our selection of column guards. With Cherry’s Industrial, you can count on:

  • Solid return on investment: Column guards could save you thousands of dollars in structural and equipment repairs. When you consider that you can purchase high-quality column protectors for under $600, it’s easy to see how they can provide excellent long-term value for your money.
  • Prevention of obstructions on your facility floor: A damaged pipe, post or column can create an obstruction that disrupts your normal operations and workflow. Protecting your columns with guards can prevent obstructions resulting from a collision.
  • A minimized risk of injury: A collision between a forklift and a column can result in serious injuries. Impact-absorbing column guards reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries that too often lead to lost time and potential worker’s compensation claims.
  • Easy installation: The two-piece design and base plates that include four pre-drilled holes ensure a fast, easy column guard installation. Concrete mounting kits are also available for simplified installation on concrete posts and columns.
  • High visibility: Column protectors include a yellow powder coat finish that increases visibility for lift truck operators and reduces the likelihood of a collision.
  • Low maintenance: Our column guards are virtually maintenance-free after initial installation. This minimizes your long-term cost of ownership and frees up your maintenance teams to handle more urgent tasks around your facility.
  • Warranty coverage: Our column guards come with a limited 15-day manufacturer’s warranty for your protection and peace of mind. The warranty encompasses defects in materials and workmanship.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Can Handle All Your Column Guard Needs

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has been in business since 1983. During our more than 30 years of operation, we’ve helped companies across a wide range of industries meet their unique material handling needs. We focus on providing affordable warehouse products that solve 100% of our customer’s problem.

All our products come from respected manufacturers with a solid reputation for quality and reliability, ensuring a long-term solution you can count on.

Check Out Our Current Column Protector Selection

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