Barrier Guards

Ensure Physical and Monetary Safety With Our Selection of Barrier Guards    


While safety barriers come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, they all serve the same essential purpose — protecting lives and equipment. By serving as a reliable impediment to mishaps that cause damage and injuries, barrier guards can reduce losses and help you achieve a healthier bottom line.


When choosing barrier guards for your facility, it is imperative to select a high-quality product that won’t fail to deliver when you need it most. It must also be able to withstand the rigors of heavy use in the most challenging warehouse and industrial environments. 

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Has the Right Barrier Guard for Your Facility

At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we offer a large selection of expertly designed and solidly constructed safety guards for warehouses, manufacturing plants and other types of small-to-medium-sized industrial and commercial facilities. Our safety barriers reduce access and injuries in dangerous and hazardous areas. They’re perfect for plants and warehouses, keeping employees safe from moving machinery. Choose from a variety of safety barriers including steel and aluminum pipe railing and interlocking railing.

Key Barrier Guard Features and Benefits

When you choose Cherry’s Industrial for barrier guards, you can count on:

  • Products made from high-quality materials: All of our safety barriers are manufactured from high-quality steel and aluminum that ensure maximum durability in all types of work environments.
  • Long-lasting finishes that also enhance safety: Many of our safety barriers have a bright-yellow powder coated finish that provides excellent protection against the elements and makes them highly visible to your workforce.
  • Multiple sizes and configurations: Keeping in mind that no two work areas or applications are exactly alike, we offer safety barriers in numerous shapes, sizes and dimensions to meet any need.
  • Versatility for numerous applications: Our safety guards are lightweight and easy to transport and maneuver, giving you the flexibility to place them exactly where you need them inside or outside your facility.
  • Affordable protection solution for any budget: We make our barrier guards as affordably priced as possible to help keep your material handling equipment costs under control — many are priced under $100.
  • Compliance with safety regulations: We offer safety guards that meet today’s stringent OSHA guidelines, ensuring maximum safety for your workforce and enabling you to maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Reduced losses due to damaged products and equipment: By helping to prevent accidents, our safety guards can minimize losses that negatively affect your company’s profitability.

Why Choose Cherry’s Industrial Equipment as Your Safety Guard Supplier?

Many material handling equipment companies focus on selling products. At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we believe in finding solutions for our customers. We take pride in our ability to help every customer find the perfect match between product and application. We’ll take the time to ask the right questions to gain a better understanding of what you need the product to do for you.

All our products come from vendors with a stellar reputation for quality and reliability, allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

Review Our Entire Barrier Guard Selection

Learn more about all our barrier guards by reading the individual product descriptions found on this page. Feel free to give us a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out our online contact form if you need additional product and pricing information. We also provide fast, affordable shipping to your facility.

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