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Depending on the metal and design, our metal bulk containers can meet the demands of both storing and transporting product as well as economizing precious storage space.


At Cherry's, we specialize in metal containers, boxes and storage bins for all your industrial, warehouse, and transportation bulk needs. Collapsible, custom, and fixed-wall options in a variety of sizes allow you to select the right metal storage container to fit your work space or vehicle. Many metal bulk containers feature stainless-steel locking options, which protect expensive tools and supplies in your facility or trucks. Some metal storage containers come with clear powder coatings to protect the surface from discoloration or scratches.


Need a custom metal bulk container? We can custom design and engineer metal containers exactly to your specification.

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Our aluminum collapsible boxes are best suited for medium-duty work and are the perfect alternative to other materials.
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Our aluminum fixed wall bulk storage will help you meet your lightweight, low-cost storage needs, without sacrificing any of the usual strength of steel.
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Let us help build your specific application demands by having a container with a different dimension, design, and/or construction.


Benefits of Buying Metal Bulk Containers

Industrial metal storage containers are an increasingly popular option in warehousing and material handling operations. Metal and aluminum storage containers offer many advantages over other traditional solutions, including enhanced strength and durability and improved ergonomics and hygiene. Industrial metal bins are easy to clean and maintain and are completely reusable and recyclable.

These advantages can have a big-time impact on various areas of your operation. The additional longevity provided by a metal container can help to lower your material handling equipment costs — you won't need to replace them as frequently. The enhanced ergonomics can promote safer handling practices and reduce the likelihood of injuries. Your employees will miss fewer days of work and you won't experience nearly as many expensive workers' compensation claims. The improved sanitation provided by industrial metal storage bins can promote more hygienic material handling practices and limit the risk of OSHA violations.

In a time where there is a constant demand for organizations to be good stewards of the environment, it's comforting to know that using metal containers can help your company leave a smaller environmental footprint. Recyclable metal and steel bins and boxes result in less waste and scrap that would otherwise end up in landfills. And because there are fewer cleaning and maintenance requirements, you will reap the benefits in the form of lower operating costs.

Why Choose Metal Over Other Materials?

While containers made from wood or plastic have their place in a material handling environment, industrial metal storage boxes and bins offer some unique advantages. Unlike wood, a metal container will not rot or create splinters that can damage goods or injure your employees. Although there are many sturdy plastic options available, plastic simply cannot replicate the strength and durability of steel or even aluminum. If the security of your goods is a concern, steel bulk containers can provide an impenetrable barrier that will protect whatever you store inside them.

Cherry’s Industrial Carries an Extensive Selection of Steel and Aluminum Containers

As a leading material handling distributor, we strive to offer the best service, selection and value in the industry. Our product line only includes aluminum and steel containers that are built to last and improve operational safety and efficiency. We’ll help you find the equipment that fits your specific requirements as well as your budget.

When you shop with us for industrial metal storage bins, you’ll find:

Collapsible Aluminum Containers

Strong, durable and portable collapsible containers provide a cost-effective way to maximize storage capacities. These aluminum storage containers are fully collapsible to save space when not in use and come with a drop-down door for easier access and identification of contents. Units are simple to set up and handle, offer an impressive strength-to-weight load ratio and can be stacked on top of each other for better utilization of vertical space.

Fixed Wall Aluminum Containers

Hygiene-friendly and fireproof, rigid aluminum containers are an excellent solution in a range of material handling environments. We carry a broad selection of fixed wall containers in various sizes and features, including drop doors, sit-on lids and hinged lids for improved protection and access. Units are stackable, offer exceptional load capacity and are suitable for use in extremely hot or cold applications.

Custom Metal Containers

Cherry’s Industrial will design and engineer metal containers to your exact specifications. You choose the dimensions, type of metal, rigid or collapsible design and special features. Our custom solutions provide a perfect fit whether you’re in food processing, industrial warehousing, shipping and distribution or any other industry with material handling and storage applications.

Typical Applications for Our Industrial Metal Storage Containers

You can use aluminum and steel bulk containers from for a wide range of applications. For example, our metal wall containers are an excellent choice in facilities where there is little available floor space except for along walls. They will provide a permanent storage solution that enables you to stack the containers for increased storage capacity. Our collapsible aluminum containers can make sense in a warehouse operation that frequently changes the types of products it carries, or to accommodate shifts in volumes at different times of the year.

If your organization has special storage or warehousing requirements that are beyond the scope of "standard" bulk metal containers, then our custom containers can provide the ideal solution. We will work closely with you and your team to develop a product design — whether it means altering an existing offering or creating a new item from scratch — that gives you a reliable, yet surprisingly affordable result that will meet your requirements.

An example would be a chemical company that needs a metal container that can resist the corrosive effects of a hazardous substance.

Cherry’s Industrial/ Carries an Extensive Selection of Steel and Aluminum Containers

At, the e-commerce arm of Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we carry equipment that speeds up workflow for increased productivity and offers improved ergonomics to eliminate injuries and worker compensation claims. We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing solutions that economically solve your material handling challenges. We offer:

  • Competitive prices on well-built equipment
  • Organized online shopping experience
  • Fast and affordable shipping on orders large or small
  • Support available from live equipment specialists

With our decades of material handling equipment expertise at your service, you can trust us to help you find a metal container that solves 100% of your problem, instead of only providing a partial or temporary result.

Contact us by calling 877-350-2729 or filling out our online request form for additional information and details. Our material handling specialists are standing by to answer all your questions and provide assistance in placing an order for steel and aluminum storage containers today.

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