Agricultural Containers

Agricultural Containers

Cleanable and Stackable Agricultural Containers


Cherry's Industrial Equipment has an impressive selection of agricultural containers that are used in farms as harvest containers, and in produce and meat markets as bulk containers.


Our agricultural bulk containers are USDA/HACCP approved. Options available include vented or solid walls with runners on the short side or on the long side of the bin.

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Cherry’s Industrial Offers You Color and Size Options

Your agricultural operation has unique needs that demand unique solutions. That’s why at Cherry’s Industrial we offer a wide selection of agricultural containers — you’ll find a wide range of sizes to meet your storage and transportation demands.

You can pick from a range of colors to match your existing containers, or we can help you develop a color-coded storage, sorting and classification system. Our selection of agricultural containers is designed to allow you to construct the perfect solution for your storage needs.

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Providing the Agricultural Industry With Container Design Options

Our agricultural containers include both solid and vented walls, to provide for our customers’ needs. Choose between these two different design types, or order a bulk set of agricultural containers that offers a blend of vented and solid walls.

If you need agricultural containers with short-side and long-side runners, we have those too. We understand that different agricultural operations have different storage needs, which is why we strive to deliver as many options as possible.

Compliance Comes First

We know that agricultural operations like yours deal with compliance factors that are absent in many industries. That’s why we offer agricultural containers that are fully approved by the USADA and HACCP.

When you’re running a business focused on securing and serving your clients and customers, the last thing you want to spend serious time on is compliance. We make the storage and transport of your products simple by delivering well-designed, highly durable agricultural containers that are fully approved by regulatory bodies. You can focus on the things that matter most to your business when you work with Cherry’s Industrial to secure the agricultural containers you need.

Custom Agricultural Container Options Available

We offer a large selection of agricultural containers because we want you to find exactly what you require. But what happens if you don’t see a solution that works for your operation?

Don’t worry! At Cherry’s Industrial, we offer you custom agricultural bins and containers designed to meet your exact requirements. You can reach out to one of our trained product specialists, who work with companies across industries each day. They’re constantly helping businesses achieve the storage and container solutions that will get the job done in their warehouses and other work spaces.

Why Should You Purchase Agricultural Containers From Cherry’s Industrial Equipment?

Since 1983, Cherry’s Industrial has been offering storage bins and containers that make an organizational difference at companies across industries. We deliver a large selection because we know that options are important to you. And we offer custom solutions because we know that off-the-shelf designs aren’t always a good fit for your company.

When you need the best in agricultural storage solutions, Cherry’s Industrial is the company you can trust for outstanding products and responsive service focused on your unique needs. We can help you create a better, more organized storage space.

Explore your agricultural container options above, or contact us today to learn more about custom solutions by calling 877-350-2729 or by filling out our online form.

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