Powered Hand Carts

Powered Hand Carts

Cherry's diverse selection of powered carts range from platform carts, lift top carts, tug carts, lift table carts and convertible carts.

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The Value of Choosing Powered Material Handling Carts


Powered industrial hand carts provide a cost-effective way to improve your material handling capabilities. Utilized everywhere from business complexes and fulfillment and distribution centers to warehouses and processing facilities, electric hand carts increase workflow and reduce injuries that occur from pulling and pushing heavy carts.


Units come in a variety of sizes, features and configurations to fit your budget and your needs. Our selection of electric powered hand carts include:


Standard Powered Platform Carts


Our walk-behind standard powered carts have a 30" x 48" usable deck designed to keep panels in place during transportation. These economically priced carts have a maximum load capacity of 1,100 pounds and feature fingertip-variable speed controls in forward and reverse. A full-perimeter bumper guards against impacts while a key locking system provides an additional level of security.


Light-Duty Lift Top Powered Carts


We carry a variety of lift top powered hand carts available in 24" x 45½", 23" x 40" and 23" x 43" sizes with load capacities up to 1,100 pounds and top speeds of 2.8 mph. This cost-effective electric cart offers improved comfort and precision with roller grip controls and auto-braking and parking. Units are available with a rechargeable 115V battery and onboard charging station, protective bumpers and pneumatic non-marking rubber wheels.


Convertible Powered Truck


Improve versatility with an electric powered hand cart with a 12" x 50¾" frame bed and 600-pound, two-wheel and 1,200-pound, four-wheel capacities. Operators benefit from a continuous handle offering improved ergonomics for comfort and control transporting loads. Variable-speed fingertip controls ensure smooth performance in forward and reverse.


Off-Road Traction Drive Powered Cart


An exceptional choice for agriculture, warehousing and manufacturing, these versatile industrial powered hand carts are capable of carrying loads up to 500 pounds on rough terrain and 750 pounds on smooth surfaces. Models provide precision control in high and low speeds going forward and backward.
Additional standard features include headlights for operating in dark conditions and wire storage buckets for impressive load retention.


Electric Platform Cart


Available in 26" x 41½", 26" x 48", 26" x 60" platform sizes, our platform carts can carry up to 1,500 pounds and incline to six degrees. These battery-powered material handling carts provide a safer way for employees in a variety of settings to transport tools and materials. They’re suitable for use on hard surfaces as well as carpeting and tile and are designed with a small frame to go virtually anywhere with minimal storage space requirements.


Electric Portable Hydraulic Lift Tables


These light-duty carts range from 24" X 50" to 30" X 50" platform sizes and 550- to 1,100-pound load capacities. Units are powered by a ½ HP 12V DC motor and have a 26" vertical travel height for efficient material handling.


Power Tug Carts


We carry highly maneuverable light-, medium- and heavy-duty power tug carts with load capacities ranging from 1,500 to 40,000 pounds. Models are DC powered, come with an on-board battery and charge pack and can pull single or multiple carts.


Ordering Industrial Electric Powered Hand Carts


Optimize your operation with a powered cart from Cherry’s Industrial. Our material handling specialists will help you find the most efficient solutions. From competitive prices and fast delivery to customer service and support dedicated to your total satisfaction, we’re the one-stop shop for all your needs.


Give us a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out our online contact form to request a free quote or assistance placing your order today.