Custom Slip Sheets

Custom Slip Sheets

Get a Custom Slip Sheet Storage Solution That's Right for Your Business


Do you have a storage problem that requires a custom solution? We’re confident that our product specialists can work with you to design and engineer a custom slip sheet to meet your unique needs.


At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we design slip sheets with custom thickness, dimensions, texture and score. We can even stamp your company logo and contact information onto the slip sheet to distinguish you from the rest of your competition.

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A Custom Slip Sheet Solution for Your Storage Business

We understand that the warehousing industry is a dynamic environment and storage solutions are constantly changing. That’s why we’re proud to offer our custom-designed slip sheets in the particular dimensions and finishes you need for your business.

We start with our strong base materials, and then create custom sheets that are adapted to your products and the particular way you stack and store them. You can customize in many different ways:

  • Shape: Do you have unique or odd-shaped stacking needs? Do you want to make use of all of the storage space available in your warehouse, racks and transport trailers? We can create custom-cut slip sheets to adapt to your space so that you can take advantage of every cubic foot you have.
  • Thickness: Certain containers, boxes and materials require specific material thickness for safe and efficient storage. If for any reason, your project requires a level of thickness outside of the ones we carry, we can work to create custom thicknesses that meet your requirements and give you the storage solution that suits your goods.
  • Texture/Score: The texture and score of your slip sheets is important in keeping your products and materials safe and secure. The right texture can keep them from slipping, which is especially critical during transport. We can apply custom textures and scores according to your needs.
  • Logo/Company Information: If you use slip sheets to transport your goods, including your logo is a great way to reinforce your brand and create advertising opportunities. We can also include contact information so that if a slip sheet is lost, it can be returned to you.

At Cherry’s Industrial, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and providing the unique custom solutions they require for all of their industrial equipment and storage needs. Durable and tear-resistant, our slip sheets can be reused over and over for stacking and storage of all of your materials, equipment and containers.

Contact Cherry's Industrial to Get the Custom Slip Sheet Storage You Need

We look forward to creating a custom solution for you. You’ll quickly see the savings possibilities in storage and transportation costs when you replace bulky pallets with our thin and versatile custom slip sheets. Tell us what sizes, shapes and textures you need — and if you’d like additional logo and company information printed directly on your sheets.

Cherry’s Industrial is your partner for efficient storage and stacking, so fill our online contact form or give us a call at 877-350-2729 to get started.

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