Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets are a great logistical option for those who are looking to save space in their warehouse, trailer or shipping container.

Die cut, scored, and coextruded Cherry's plastic slip sheets have the durability to compete with the best pallets on the market. Cube out your trailers and containers more effectively, maximize storage space in your warehouse, reduce loading and unloading time in your facility, and last but not least reduce your expenses. Let Cherry's Industrial show you why slip sheets are a great solution for your company.

Need something custom? We also offer custom slip sheets with a variety of options like thickness, dimension, texture, score and even your company logo.

Recycled Slip Sheets

Plastic slip sheets provide protection for products during shipping while reducing the weight and bulk of pallets. Manufactured with HDPE, these sheets are resistant to bacteria, moisture and tears. Slip sheets are easy to customize to fit load requirements. These sheets can support up to 2,300 lbs. Choose from 22 sizes and styles including 4 tab, opposite edge, single edge and adjacent edge construction. The material is also fully recyclable.