Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets

Use Slip Sheets to Maximize Warehouse Storage Efficiency


To be successful in any business, you need to maximize productivity and reduce costs — and our slip sheet products help warehouses and product movers do just that. Slip Sheets are a great logistical option for those who are looking to save space in their warehouse, trailer or shipping container.


Our die cut, scored and coextruded plastic slip sheets have the durability to compete with the best pallets on the market. You can use our slip sheets to cube out your trailers and containers more effectively, maximize storage space in your warehouses and reduce loading and unloading time in your facility. Most importantly, you can use slip sheets to reduce your expenses. Let Cherry's Industrial Equipment show you why slip sheets are a great solution for your company.

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Provide protection and reduce bulk with Cherry's plastic slip sheets, made with a recyclable material resistant to bacteria, moisture and tears.
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Custom Slip Sheets designed and engineered to your specifications.

Slip Sheets Help You Save Space in Your Trucks and Warehouses

Your storage space is precious. Every square foot of floor space in your warehouse and shipping truck costs you money. When you stack products and materials, the pallets you use are taking up part of that space, and if you’re not economical, it can become wasted space. That can mean wasted money.

While some items absolutely need to be installed on a pallet for strength, portability and safety needs, slip sheets can provide a smarter, more efficient option for the more flexible items. Slip sheets are designed to create a separation between different layers of material or containers but take up less space than a pallet.

There are many situations in which a slip sheet is the best option for your storage and stacking needs, such as:

  • When you have many layers of containers and boxes: If you have raw materials, components or finished products in boxes and containers, it can be useful to separate them into individual layers. A pallet for each layer could be overkill and take up too much space. However, using slip sheets allows you to separate your layers with a minimum of additional stack height, but efficient stacking strength.
  • When you have small items to stack and move: Some small items aren’t suitable for stacking on pallets because they fall through the slats or don’t stay level. A slip sheet provides a flat surface that keeps all of your stacked objects together. You can also choose the texture and score that suits your needs in terms of adherence and flexibility.
  • When you’re looking to reduce strain and effort when loading and unloading: Pallets are heavy, and removing then can take time, energy or specialized pallet moving equipment. Whereas removing a slip sheet once it is empty is fast and easy. You can pull it off by hand and roll it up or stack it with little effort.

Cherry Industrial’s Slip Sheets Help You Save Money by Storing Smarter

Every extra pallet stored or transported from your warehouse represents an additional product that isn’t being handled. Over time, that can add up to a significant amount of wasted money or additional transport costs. When you switch to thin, lightweight slip sheets, you’re maximizing the amount of product you can store and move. Lowering the space dedicated to storage and reducing the number of needed shipments allows for financial retention.

Thanks to the durability of our slip sheets, you can use them for years. Their low cost, durability and versatility make them the ideal solution across all types of materials and industries. They resist wear and tear even when used every day. Slip sheets are also easy to move due to their light weight. This is an advantage for your material handlers, who will experience less strain as they put them in place.

Our slip sheets can help you achieve real gains in your material storage and handling applications. To find out more, fill our online contact form or give us a call at 877-350-2729.

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