Polyethylene Rack Protectors Provide Additional Security


Used on their own or with other rack protection options, polyethylene rack protectors from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment provide an additional level of security for your shelving uprights, your inventory and your staff. By providing a soft cushion that absorbs the impact of a forklift collision, our polyethylene rack protectors prevent costly and dangerous damage in a way floor-level guards cannot.


Our polyethylene rack protectors are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for installation versatility. 

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Polyethylene Rack Protectors Offer Reliable Durability

All our polyethylene rack protectors can withstand the impact of a 5,000 lbs. forklift traveling at up to 3 mph without damage. All protectors are built from flexible EVA material and measure 18” tall. Their semi-flexible nature retains its integrity after a collision, allowing them to be reused. A bright yellow finish with black straps offers excellent visibility.

Our current inventory of polyethylene rack protectors includes the following products:

  • Standard rack protectors: Standard products include the RS75, which can be used on any rack with a 3” wide upright face, the RS90 for racks with a 3.5” face, and the RS100 for 4” systems.
  • Cutout rack protectors: Use our cutout protectors on any rack with a low beam. Dimensions are the same as on the standard products, except an offset cutout can be placed either 5” or 7” from the floor. Two models are available: the RS75CO and the RS100CO.

We can also customize our products for racks with non-standard upright dimensions. Please get in touch with a product specialist for more information.

Polyethylene Rack Protectors are Easy, Effective and Durable

Our polyethylene rack protectors are:

  • Easy-to-install: Polyethylene rack protectors feature built-in hook and loop fasteners that make them quick to install on any rack. No tools are required. This makes installation easy and non-destructive, as there is no need to drill holes in your floor or racking.
  • Cost-effective: Because they stand up to repeated impacts, polyethylene rack protectors are the most cost-effective way to prevent product loss and damage to your upper racking system.
  • Durable: Our polyethylene rack protectors are waterproof, UV-stabilized to prevent fading, and resistant to chemicals and stress cracking. A one-time investment, they will stand the test of time in any non-refrigerated facility.
  • Modular: Stack two polyethylene rack protectors on top of one another for additional protection. Products work together seamlessly and can be easily switched out or moved as necessary.

Like all products in our inventory, our polyethylene rack protectors deliver performance you can count on.

Contact Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for Assistance

Polyethylene rack protectors are just one component of an overall safety solution in a busy warehouse or storage facility. If you’re ready to make safety a priority in your organization, contact Cherry’s Industrial directly and have one of our team members put together a complete turnkey package for your facility. Use our online contact form to get in touch today, or call us at 877-350-2729 to speak with a product specialist directly.

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