Manual Lift Tables

Manual Lift Tables

Manual Lift Tables Avoid Downtime and Maximize Your Operations


We offer several types of manual lifting tables, both portable units for use throughout your facility, as well as others designed for permanent installation. Our lift tables are capable of raising from 330 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. Our heavy and light duty lifting tables make working with projects easier, safer, and more productive for your employees. The available models come in crank lift and foot lift options, and are an affordable option to more expensive alternatives.

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What Are the Benefits of a Manual Lift Table?

The main benefit of a manual lift table is its simplified control system. Because there are no electronic components, the risk of downtime due to a malfunction is virtually nonexistent. Manual lift tables can also be used in locations where grid or generator power is not available — making them ideal for outdoor use, as well as a convenient choice for moving between multiple workstations.

Our Lifting Table Products Are Designed to Work for You

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has a more than 30-year history of matching discerning manufacturers and other clients with material handling solutions that work for them. Our inventory of manual lift tables consists entirely of products we have tested ourselves and have confirmed to meet our high standards. If we don’t have a lift table in stock that meets your needs, there is a good chance we can fabricate or modify a custom product.

Our current selection of manual lift tables includes portable and stationary models, scissor lifts, pneumatic lift tables and more. A variety of configurations and capacities are available to meet the requirements of any customer. Some of our more popular items include:

  • XF and WXP manual lift tables: The XF and WXP series of products feature convenient hand or foot operation, heavy-duty hydraulics and smooth operation thanks to precision-engineered components. Wide base, oversized and custom models are available.
  • DLV lift tables: The DLV series of products is capable of handling loads ranging from 330 lbs. to 1,100 lbs., and can be easily transported between work areas. This simple and affordable material handling solution is best for moving cargo, among other applications.
  • PalletPal:The PalletPal can carry loads up to 4000 lbs. with as little as 80 psi of compressed air. Key features of the PalletPal include a unique rotating turntable system that allows for easy access from all sides.

Browse our inventory using the links on this page, or contact a Cherry’s Industrial representative for assistance choosing the best unit for your needs.

Choosing a Manual Lift Table

Choosing a manual lift table requires a careful consideration of a number of different factors. Always err on the side of caution when estimating your load and height requirements — attempting to do too much with an underpowered lift is a major safety risk, one that puts your crew and your productivity in danger. You also want to ensure a lift table has a platform large enough to accommodate the items you plan on moving.

Other considerations include whether or not a potential purchase is approved for use in sanitary environments. We sell several USDA-approved lift tables that are easy to clean and decontaminate — visit individual product pages for more information.

Contact Cherry’s Industrial for Assistance

Let our team match you with the best manual lift table for your needs. If a manual model isn’t the right solution for you, we sell a variety of electronic systems. A team member would be happy to help you make an informed choice that gives you the best value for your purchasing dollar. Complete this simple contact form to get started.

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