Hydraulic Lift Tables

Hydraulic Lift Tables

Hydraulic Lift Tables Provide Long-Term Performance


Our hydraulic lift tables help you lift small or large loads with customized dimensions to suit your needs. We make them so that you and your employees remain safe during heavy-duty operations. Our lift platforms are great when you are looking to simplify your work routine by lifting heavy loads with a low height requirement.

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Finish Your Projects With Ease With Our Hydraulic Lift Products


Our inventory of products is carefully curated and includes some of the best hydraulic lift tables on the market today. Extensive real-world testing ensures all products we sell offer value and performance you can count on.


Some of the more popular hydraulic lift tables currently available from Material-handling.com include:


  •      •   The EZ2500 and EZ4000: The EZ2500 and EZ4000 are stainless steel hydraulic lift tables suitable for use in sanitary conditions. As a result, either can make an excellent addition to food and pharmaceutical processing plants, where routine decontamination is required. Both units feature a 48" x 42” platform that can be raised to a height of 36" or lowered to 9", and a relief valve that prevents overloading, together with a manual control valve for use in the event of an electrical failure.


  •      •   The A-500W: The A-500W hydraulic lift table has a maximum raised height of 36.6" and a maximum capacity of 1,100 lbs. It is a versatile all-around performer that is ideal for moving heavy items between workstations. Fast rising speeds help keep productivity moving, while a set of steerable castor-type wheels provide easy maneuverability, even in tight spaces.


  •      •   PST-series portable hydraulic lift tables: The PST series is a durable solution for handling heavy loads that is nonetheless easy to transport between locations. Designed for maximum torque with a minimal amount of power consumption, PST-series hydraulic lift tables provide vertical travel up to 48”. Several platform sizes are available to accommodate oversized items.


  •      •   PL-series hydraulic lift tables: The PL series of hydraulic cantilevered lifting tables can carry loads up to 2000 lbs. to a maximum raised height between 36” and 60”. A built-in foot pump with tiptoe release provides hands-free operation, while high impact phenolic wheels and a set of dual floor locks offer a balance between portability and safety while in use.


Our inventory changes regularly. This is just a small selection of some of the many products we have available for sale. Cherry’s Industrial can also modify or fabricate a custom hydraulic lift table that meets your specific requirements.


Whether you need a larger platform or higher lift capacity, or have specific safety requirements that need accommodation, we can provide an engineered solution that helps you maintain productivity at all times. Contact our office directly to request a quote.


Why Choose a Hydraulic Lift Table?


There are a number of advantages to choosing a hydraulic lift table over an electric or pneumatic product. Generally speaking, hydraulic tables offer the best combination of durability and versatility. They are available in the widest range of sizes and configurations, and can be counted on for long-term performance, even in demanding applications.


Use a hydraulic lift to load or unload trucks in a warehouse, to maintain products at a comfortable working height, or to help employees access hard-to-reach spaces. Most hydraulic lift tables offer a low footprint and low cost of ownership — important benefits for any industrial operation.


To learn more about the benefits of a hydraulic lift table, visit individual product pages using the links above. You can also contact the Cherry’s Industrial head office to speak directly with a product specialist.