Rack Guards Ensure Product Retention and Driver Safety


It’s an unavoidable hazard in many industrial or warehouse environments — a forklift operator who is in too much of a hurry cuts a corner too sharply or strikes a pallet rack while speeding down the aisle. Accidents like this can result in significant damage to racks, supporting structures and products, and even jeopardize the safety of your workers.


If you haven’t installed high-quality rack guards in your facility, you’re not doing everything you can to protect your equipment, goods and employees.

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Rack Guards From Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Offer a Reliable Warehouse Protection Solution

Passing warehouse machinery can damage your pallet racks and wall corners. Protect them with our rack guards and protectors. Choose from low profile protectors, structural cast rack guards and heavy duty outside protectors to meet your exact needs.

We feature rack protectors in a wide range of sizes and designs for all types of warehouse layouts and environments. All products come from leading manufacturers to ensure the highest possible quality and reliability.

Install Structural Rack Guards on Concrete Surfaces for Added Stability

Structural rack guards from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offer a cost-effective solution for protecting against wall corner and pallet damage. We feature structural rack guards that are available with or without rubber bumpers constructed from 6” or 8” cast steel. They’re designed for fast, easy installation on concrete surfaces and include four mounting holes on the base plate for superior stability. The baked-in yellow powder-coated finish enhances visibility and durability.

Use Low Profile Rack Guards Indoors or Outdoors

Low profile rack protectors provide basic protection for racking, machinery and workers. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these rack guards feature a welded-steel construction and include two base plates with four pre-drilled holes each for simplified installation. Low profile rack guards also include a yellow powder-coated finish.

Available dimensions include:

  • 36”L x 9”H x 1⅝”D
  • 36”L x 16”H x 4½”D
  • 36”L x 16”H x 1⅝”D

Highly-Absorbent Polyethylene Rack Guards Offer Protection

Polyethylene rack guards and cutouts provide superior protection for rack uprights in areas where a flexible, high-visibility solution is required. The highly impact-absorbent polyethylene material can withstand the force delivered by a 5,000 lb.-capacity forklift traveling at up to 3 mph.

Outdoor Heavy-Duty Rack Guards Protect Your Investments

Specifically designed for outdoor use, the heavy-duty rack protectors are manufactured from high-grade steel that makes them well suited for areas that use powered equipment. They’re also equipped with floor-level shields to protect rack ends against lift truck collisions.

Why Choose Cherry’s Industrial Equipment as Your Rack Guard Supplier?

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has been providing reliable, affordable material handling products since 1983. We specialize in finding total solutions to our customers’ most challenging problems, enabling them to operate their facilities more productively, profitably and safely.

This experience makes us your trusted equipment source for companies in a wide range of industries. Our user-friendly website makes finding the best product for your applications and budget a fast, easy process.

Browse Our Complete Rack Protector Inventory

We invite you to check out our extensive selection of top-quality rack guards. Many of our products feature bulk pricing that can lower your guard costs even more. Feel free to give us a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out and submit our online contact form for additional information.

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