Safety Guards & Barriers

Safety Guards and Barriers Keep Your Workplace Safe From Accidents


Safety guards are ideal for in-plant use and are a cost-effective solution for increasing warehouse and facility safety. Safety guards vary in design, but ultimately act as deterrents for accidents for both the people and property in your warehouse.


Industrial guards and barriers can help prevent damage to expensive machinery, pallet racks, shelving and products. Safety guards can range from barriers, bollards, column and conveyor guards, safety railings, to posts and more. 

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Our safety barriers are designed to reduce access and injuries in dangerous and hazardous areas.
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Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, we carry a variety of yellow safety bollards to protect work areas, racking and personnel.
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A column protector is the best way to insure that your columns do not get damaged in the event of a stray vehicle hitting it.
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Protect your employees and reduce accident rates around warehouse conveyor systems with Cherry’s conveyor guards.
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A machinery guard is the best all-around way to minimize the risk of worker injury who have any type of interaction with plant equipment of any kind.
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If you need a modular protector for a guard house, shack, or station, we have the custom solutions designed to fit your unique needs.
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Our door track guard will keep your mechanical doors on track even if they suffer from a light tap from a fork lift.
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A post guard is one of the best ways to put up a barrier to protect machinery or personnel from moving equipmnet.
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Protect your wall corners and pallet racks from passing forklifts and other warehouse machinery with our rack guards and protectors.
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A general safety railing helps you protect your workers from injury while also giving you compliance peace of mind.
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Our wall guards allow you to minimize the amount of maintenance and upkeep while still protecting your walls and maintaining appearances.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Offers a Wide Variety of Guards and Barriers

Keep your personnel safe and equipment protected from unnecessary dangers and accidents with Cherry's Industrial safety guards. Our safety barriers and hard guards reduce access to dangerous areas and keep the operator away from moving parts or other hazards. Our selection of guard and barrier products includes:

  • Barriers: We offer aluminum, steel pipe and interlocking barriers that provide an effective access control solution in your facility’s most hazardous areas. Manufacturing plants and distribution centers can use barriers to keep workers away from operating machinery.
  • Bollards: Bollards are short, compact vertical posts that deter wayward traffic and prevent vehicle-based attacks at government facilities and military bases. They also protect outdoor work areas in industrial plants and warehouses.
  • Column guards: We feature sturdy guards made from heavy-duty steel designed to protect in-plant columns and other vertical support posts from vehicle or heavy equipment collisions.
  • Conveyor guards: Designed for warehousing and manufacturing operations that use conveyor belts, these guards protect the conveyor stand against lift truck collisions. We offer conveyor belts in multiple lengths and featuring a bright yellow color for maximum visibility and safety.
  • Machinery guards: We offer heavy-duty steel machinery guards in a wide variety of sizes that can reduce the risk of injury due to accidental contact with machinery and equipment. They also meet OSHA’s stringent handrail compliance requirements.
  • Modular guards: Use our steel or aluminum modular guards to serve as a protective barrier around guard stations and security screening areas, as well as for traffic control.
  • Overhead door track guards: Solid steel overhead doors track guard will protect your loading dock and garage doors against damage due to lift truck collisions. They also feature a yellow powder coated finish for additional safety and extra protection against the elements.
  • Post guards: These steel protectors provide a strong defense for posts that support warehouse racks and shelving. Wedge anchors are also available that can provide additional stability.>
  • Rack guards: Our inventory includes a large assortment of rack guards and protectors for indoor and outdoor use that prevent trucks, forklifts and other warehouse vehicles from damaging warehouse racks and wall corners.
  • General safety railings: Our general-purpose railings offer a lightweight, versatile, cost-effective safety solution wherever you need them to protect people or equipment in and around your facility. Interlocking railings are also available that allow you to establish a large protective perimeter.
  • Wall guards: Our polyethylene wall guards can provide indoor and outdoor protection for walls in accident-prone areas on your property. They can provide a reliable defense against denting and scratching.

We Can Help You Choose the Best Safety Guards for Your Facility

The experts at Cherry’s Industrial Equipment can help you sort through all the safety barrier options so you can choose the right product for your needs and budget. We’ll also make sure the product you choose meets all applicable OSHA guidelines.

All our safety guards are produced by leading manufacturers to ensure they meet the highest standards for quality, performance and durability.

We Provide Reliable, Cost-Effective Industrial Workplace Solutions

Since our founding in 1983, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has been providing effective, affordable solutions for our customers’ most difficult material handling challenges. Our goal isn’t just to provide a “quick fix” — we focus on finding the best long-term solution that will maximize your return on investment. We also strive to make locating the ideal product a fast and easy process. Our user-friendly website takes the hassle out of finding and ordering material handling equipment.

Take a Closer Look at Our Current Safety Guard Inventory

Take a few minutes to browse our current selection of safety guards and barriers. Feel free to give us a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out and submit our online contact form for additional product and pricing information.

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