Aluminium Dollies

Aluminium Dollies

Industrial Dollies Provide an Ergonomic Advantage For Your Employees


Cherry Industrial Equipment's machinery, plastic or aluminum dollies provide an ergonomic advantage over moving product by hand. Our moving dollies regularly handle demanding industrial situations. From machinery dollies to aluminum dollies and plastic dollies, each is manufactured to precise standards and designed for regular use.


Our aluminum dollies come in drum models and multi-purpose models, and aide in the transfer of heavy loads across relatively smooth surfaces. Many of our dollies come with straps included for pulling down aisles and over thresholds. Straps can be hooked over drums for storage.


Aluminium dollies are conveniently light-weight, and can handle moderate loads depending on design. Each of our dollies are designed for either multi-use or drum use. Our Octo Drum Dolly, for instance, can carry up to 2,000 lbs. due to the 8 cast iron swivel casters it rides on and the heavy-duty wheels it includes. Most of our round drum dollies come with a nylon hauling strap included, allowing you to pull them over thresholds or attach them stationary objects.

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Industrial Dollies Ease the Strain of Material Transport

Moving materials, items and equipment around your industrial site is an important task. It may be raw materials and chemicals for your processes, components and finished goods, or waste products that need to be safely disposed of. No matter what types of materials you’re transporting, having the right dolly for the job is important.

The right industrial dolly allows your workers to safely and efficiently transport loads and saves time and effort compared to moving them manually.

Not all industrial dollies are made equal. Some ‘general’ types of dollies are sold for a multitude of uses but lack the features and durability for use with specific loads or in specific environments. That’s where choosing an industrial dolly from Cherry’s International Equipment has several advantages.

We provide dollies that are designed according to:

  • The weight of your load: Overloading a dolly is dangerous. You always need to pay close attention to the maximum load you’ll be carrying. Remember to include the weight of any containers, pumps, fixtures or other additional weight that might be included in your container or equipment. We clearly indicate the weight rating for each of the dollies we sell on the product page.
  • The shape and size of your load: Even if you have a dolly that can handle the weight of your loads, it may not be designed for safe and easy transportation due to the bulky shape and size of your items. It’s important to choose an industrial dolly that allows for even weight distribution and positioning of your item. If it is not stable, do not attempt to transport your item before finding a better-adapted dolly.
  • The work environment: If you are transporting materials and equipment in wet, corrosive or extremely hot or cold environments, you need to consider the materials and construction of your industrial dollies. We carry a range of steel, plastic and aluminum dollies that are suitable for different types of environments. Choosing the right dolly material means it will last longer in your working environment.
  • The attachment points: Certain loads, especially tall ones, should be secured before transportation. Many of our industrial dollies come with straps that allow you to fix your load securely to the dolly itself. Straps and fixation points keep your load from shifting or falling off the dolly during transport. This is critical when moving large and cumbersome loads across rough surfaces or if you need to go up and down stairs or inclines.

Select the Industrial Dolly to Suit Your Requirements at Cherry’s Industrial

The key to choosing the right industrial dolly is knowing which types of loads you’ll be transporting on a regular basis. Don’t forget to take into account occasional loads you may have to handle. In some cases a single dolly may cover all of your needs, while in other cases you will need several different dollies, each one adapted to the nature of your load.

Before placing your order, make a list of the items, equipment and materials you plan to transport. Then click through our industrial dollies listings and find the solutions that are adapted to your needs. We provide detailed information and specifications for all of our products to help you make the best choice.

We’re readily available to answer any questions you might have. You can reach us by phone at 877-350-2729, or take a few moments to fill out our online contact form. As a leader in industrial equipment and transport dollies, Cherry’s Industrial will supply you with the equipment you need to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. Start working smarter.

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