Plastic Collapsible Containers

Plastic Collapsible Containers

Reclaim Space and Improve Efficiency With Bulk Collapsible Plastic Containers


When you work in warehousing, distribution, fulfillment or logistics, bulk storage bins are an operational necessity. Collapsible, stackable plastic bulk containers from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment help maximize your supply and storage capacities, while speeding up picking times and reducing product loss and safety concerns.


Having the right storage system in place helps your business improve inventory management and streamline operations. Folding bins and container storage solutions are a must-have option in any logistics setting or fulfillment-service facility. Our plastic bulk warehouse containers are effectively used in everything from building and contracting, food and beverage and consumer products to manufacturing, automotive, logistics and transportation.


Browse our full inventory of standard-size bulk storage containers in stock, or get in touch with us today to discuss a customized solution.

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An Impressive Inventory of Collapsible and Stackable Bulk Containers

Our plastic collapsible containers offer a durable, reusable, and stackable/folding storage solution for a variety of bulk items up to capacities of 2,000 lbs. As part of our offerings, we carry plastic collapsible containers like the ORBIS BulkPak line for light, medium and heavy-duty applications. Offering easy forklift access, these plastic bulk storage bins are easy to move, transport, fold and collapse when you need to save space.

Choose from container sizes like our heavy-duty 32" x 30" or 48" x 45" container options that offer a vast amount of space and a durable option for your bulk goods. Additional products featured in our complete selection of plastic bulk containers include:

  • Medium-Duty Collapsible Bulk Containers: 32" x 30" structural foam molded collapsible containers are purpose built for medium-duty use and come available in 25" and 34" standing heights. An ideal solution for holding anything from small parts and electronic components to industrial equipment, hardware and tools, these plastic bins provide more storage in less space. The medium duty 48" x 45 " container with a 34" overall height is designed to provide easier identification and access in assembly line applications.
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Bulk Containers: Available in 32" x 30", 40" x 48" and 48" x 45" sizes with overall heights from 18" to 34", we carry heavy-duty collapsible bulk storage containers that can be applied in a wide range of manufacturing and warehousing tasks. The ORBIS BulkPak HDR Series is specially designed to move, store and ship automotive, appliance and transportation equipment components, while “pallet box” models are perfect for logistic and warehousing settings and can be stacked six-high at full capacity.
  • General-Purpose Plastic Collapsible Containers: Containers come in 40" x 48" and 48" x 45" footprints and provide up to 39" overall height. Models include the KLAPA collapsible bulk container constructed of extremely impact-resistant, high-pressure injection molded polypropylene, as well as “pallet box” units made for easier transportation by means of a forklift or pallet truck. These general-purpose containers are stackable, feature ventilated decks and come available with two drop-doors on the side for easier order picking and inventory management.
  • Extended Height and Length Collapsible Containers: The durable and sturdy extended length and extended height storage bins we carry have the strength and capacity to handle many difficult-to-fit parts and components commonly used in industrial, aerospace or automotive manufacturing. Models come available with solid or perforated decks, easy access drop down doors and can be configured in side-loading Maximus styles.

What Are the Benefits of Stackable and Collapsible Warehouse Containers?

Stackable plastic containers provide protection, durability and optimal storage.

Reusable plastic containers from Cherry's Industrial Equipment provide you with years of dependability for all of your storing needs. Optimal stacking and storing effectively protects all items in stock while helping to avoid unnecessary costs from damages and returns.

We're proud to specifically offer you the ORBIS brand, which is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and is 100% recyclable. Our bins are also returnable, making them more environmentally friendly.

Built with solid or open flow through decks, these pallet boxes support up to 2,000 lbs. per container. Our containers are American-made and used as storage containers or as reusable returnable warehouse containers.

You can customize and optimize all your warehouse storage solutions with collapsible and stackable containers:

  • Customizable sizing options and packing flexibility: You decide which container size best works with your inventory, as well as your vertical columns or horizontal storage lanes. Extended height and width containers options provide additional storage flexibility.
  • Stacked or collapsed: Collapsible containers provide you with valuable space when stacked and holding product, or while collapsed, stacked and stowed when not in use. Optimizing your storage capacity avoids unused pallet positions and lost bay space. 
  • Durability and longevity: Recyclable and made from structural foam plastics, these containers are built to last. You can use them for years, saving you material costs and protecting the goods you provide to your customers.
  • Organization and safety: Organized and uniform bins are better than open and haphazard cardboard boxes, plastic bags and other typical storing options. All products are stored in the proper bay, meaning they are easy to locate inventory and maintain visibility in all docks and aisles.
  • Versatility for all industries: Bins range in size and construction. Our plastic containers range from light- to heavy-duty and meet a variety of industry needs and regulations.
  • Quick delivery and bulk pricing: Distribution centers coming from Bardstown, KY, Georgetown, KY and Menasha, WI means your orders are located in the U.S. and will ship to you from a domestic origin.

Trust Cherry's Industrial Equipment for Your High- and Low-Density Bulk Storage Needs

Do you need an industrial equipment provider that offers bulk storage container solutions and equipment so you can strategically use your warehouse space? Are you looking for a supplier who knows your industry and understands the issues involved in both distribution and warehousing? Let Cherry's Industrial work for you.

Our collapsible containers offer optimal bulk storage solutions across multiple industries. With these and our other equipment offerings, you can optimize your entire warehouse workflow and storage capacities.

Cherry's Industrial Equipment is a leading material handling distributor and provider of the best products for manufacturers and distributors. Our team has years of experience and is ready to help you with your exact requirements. Get in touch with us today — fill out our online form or give us a call at 877-350-2729.

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