Shelf Bins

Shelf Bins

Organize Your Inventory and Save Space With Shelf Bins


Organize your inventory and enhance the workflow in your facility with our 12", 18", or 24" nestable shelf bins. Divider boxes, parts bins and stack-n-nest totes can also be manufactured in our innovative ESD safe and FDA approved materials. These durable plastic containers provide a professional appeal to the workplace and yield a great ROI. Leading companies maximize their profitability by improving product quality, handling materials quicker and more efficiently, and reducing shipping and receiving problems. Our bins are large and tough enough for heavy power tools and yet optimal enough to keep small items safely contained and organized.

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How Can You Make Sense of Messy Shelves?

When workflow is the driving force of your operation, make sure your procedures reach their peak potential through shelf bins from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment. Messy shelves can thwart even the most expert operation by slowing down work, productivity and efficiency.

The simple addition of shelf bins can clear away the clutter and drive organization. Stack, place or otherwise arrange shelf bins to streamline your company’s efficiency.

Shelf bins deliver on our promise of greater organization for your work — no matter the industry in which you operate. Here’s why:

  • Approved for safety and compliance: At Cherry’s Industrial, we go to great lengths to anticipate your industry’s needs for shelf bins. That’s why our shelf bins are both FDA approved and ESD safe. You can use them to store food and other perishable items while remaining in full compliance and enjoying the height of safety assurance. When you choose shelf bins from Cherry’s Industrial, you have more time to focus on what matters most.
  • Stocked to provide options: We choose to offer a large selection of shelf-bin types because our customers need options to find the best fit and performance for a job. Choose the right length, width and height for your particular situation. Look through the different color shelf bins to match an existing palette or take advantage of color-coded organizational opportunities. When you choose Cherry’s Industrial for your shelf bins, you enjoy a wide range of options that allow you to find the best fit for your company.

Cherry’s Industrial Is Your Go-To Storage Specialist

In most businesses, storage and shelf bins aren’t the first things that come to mind when designing a warehouse or an assembly or similar workspace. But the need for quality, durable storage bins becomes apparent soon after operation commences. At Cherry’s Industrial, we’re here to be your storage solution at that moment of realization. We’ve been offering a wide range of parts bins, shelf bins and other storage products since the late 1990s, and we can deliver the solution you need.

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