Fixed Wall Containers

Fixed Wall Containers

Fixed Wall Containers Provide Stability and Strength


Explore our selection of fixed wall storage containers. Heights of our fixed bulk containers range from 19"-48" tall and lengths and widths range from 44" X 44" to 47" X 32" to 65" X 48".


Depending on your selection, our fixed storage containers can stock anything: food, parts, supplies, equipment or material. The fixed wall offers the perfect solution for extra heavy-duty product protection, while these solid wall containers are collapsible for your convenience.

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Keep Things Neat With Fixed-Wall Storage

Warehouses, assembly areas, workshops and other industrial and corporate spaces demand order. If you don’t have the proper storage solutions, achieving that order will be impossible.

At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, our specialty is bringing order to warehouses and similar spaces. Our fixed-wall containers efficiently maximize the use of space both on your floors and your shelves. Find the perfect fixed-wall containers for your operation, and enjoy the organizational benefits.

Storage Solutions for Different Industries

Who uses our fixed-wall containers?  Companies and organizations operating in a wide range of industries. Manufacturers rely on fixed-wall containers to keep parts and tools safe and out-of-the-way. Agricultural and food companies use fixed-wall containers to hold meat, produce and other products. Workshops and repair companies use fixed-wall containers to store tools safely.

No matter what industry you work in, there’s a good chance that fixed-wall containers can boost your organization, efficiency and productivity.

Choose a Fixed-Wall Storage Option That Works

At Cherry’s Industrial, we are committed to offering a wide selection of fixed-wall containers and other warehousing-organizing products. In our selection, you’ll discover fixed-wall containers that include different sizes and colors, as well as collapsible options. Each product in our selection is designed for heavy-duty use in rugged environments.

When you choose fixed-wall containers from Cherry’s Industrial, you’re choosing high-quality, effective products that will perform over the long-term.

Custom Fixed-Wall Designs and Dimensions Available

Don’t see the exact product you’re looking for? An off-the-shelf option won’t always get the job done, which is why we offer custom fixed-wall containers that perfectly meet your organization’s unique needs. When you get in touch with one of our product specialists, you’re speaking with a trained service professional that wants to gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements.

That in-depth understanding is the foundation from which we create a custom solution just for you. Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect fixed-wall containers for your company.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment: Your Dependable Supplier for Storage Solutions

For more than 20 years, Cherry’s Industrial has been offering and designing storage solutions for companies in different industries. These solutions help better organize warehouses and similar spaces, and each can help boost efficiency and productivity at your business.

When you have questions or want to explore a custom fixed-wall container, our representatives will do whatever it takes to understand your specific needs and deliver. We’re dedicated to offering helpful products and outstanding customer service and support. When you choose Cherry’s Industrial, you’re getting the best in storage products and customer service.

Explore your fixed-wall container options above. You can give us a call at 877-350-2729 or fill out our online form to learn more about custom solutions.

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