Bulk Storage Containers

Bulk Storage Containers

Bulk Storage Containers Meet Your Storage and Handling Needs


Whether stocking parts, larger products, material, food or agricultural products, our bulk storage containers are constructed to last. Our plastic pallet containers, bulk boxes and bins help store or move large volumes or pallets of material with ease.


Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offers you a wide range of sizes, colors and custom options available to meet your exact container needs.

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Large Storage for Large Items

When you work with materials, products and items that are overwhelming in size and weight, you need special storage solutions to help you manipulate the storing and transport of these items to ensure you effectively get the job done.

At Cherry’s Industrial, our bulk storage containers rise to the occasion no matter the size of the materials you work with. We serve customers working in industries that require parts and materials enormous in scope, and the selection you see on this page is a reflection of the needs of those customers. Choose Cherry’s Industrial, and find the bulk storage containers that you need for smooth and efficient operations at your business.

Bulk Containers Serve a Range of Industries

Who needs our bulk storage containers? We work each day with a wide range of customers in a broad span of industries. We serve food and agricultural businesses, as well as product manufacturers and others, with bulk storage containers. Specific examples of industries that make use of bulk storage boxes and bins in their daily operations include:

  • Automotive: Auto manufacturers and parts suppliers can use bulk storage containers to hold all types of smaller loose parts and components ranging from nuts and bolts to brake pads, door handles, hood ornaments and more.
  • Agriculture: Use industrial storage bins made from USDA-approved materials to stow parts for tractors as well as agricultural equipment and supplies.
  • Foodservice: HACCP-approved bulk storage boxes can provide an easy, convenient way to keep items needed for food service safe and sanitary.
  • Pharmaceutical: We offer a variety of bulk storage containers that promote safe storage of drugs and other products used in pharma applications.
  • Consumer products: Products made for consumers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you will find containers at Material-Handling.com that will serve your company's unique storage requirements.
  • Chemical manufacturing: We feature containers that will resist corrosion and prevent cross-contamination — issues that occur frequently in many chemical manufacturing and warehousing environments.

These customers have one thing in common: they need effective and durable bulk storage containers that help them get the job done on a daily basis. At Material-Handling.com, that’s exactly what we provide. The selection you see on this page includes nothing but the toughest and best-performing bulk storage containers on the market.

Our Industrial Storage Bins Can Serve a Wide Variety of Applications

Use bulk storage bins and boxes from Material-Handling.com for numerous purposes throughout your organization. They can help you gather and sort a variety of loose products and materials for easier, more convenient storage. In addition to lightweight storage needs, you will also find containers that are designed and constructed for heavy-duty job requirements in even the most challenging work environments. The assortment of sizes also allows you to select bins that conform to your operation, regardless of what types of products or materials you handle on a daily basis.

Storage and Transport Made Easy

One of the greatest challenges related to bulk storage is transport. Once you have a product, item or material stored in a bulk container, safely and economically moving the container where it needs to go can be difficult.

At Material-Handling.com, our selection of bulk storage containers anticipates the need for transport, which is why many of our products are designed to move large volumes or pallets with little effort. Storing bulk items is just one part of the equation. You solve both issues when you choose us for bulk storage containers.

Other Valuable Bulk Storage Container Benefits

Our selection of industrial storage bins can do much more than make it easier to transport your goods. They can also assist you in improving organization within your facility.

For example, you can use them for efficient sorting of loose products or materials before storing them. Another benefit is maximizing the efficient use of space in a storage area. Floor space is at a premium in many warehousing operations these days, which these containers can go a long way towards resolving. Bins and boxes from Material-Handling.com will provide solid protection for whatever you place inside them, which will help you minimize the costs associated with damaged goods.

All of these factors will have a positive impact on what matters the most: your company's bottom line. By increasing productivity, saving time, creating more usable space, lowering transportation costs and reducing product damage, you will gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and boost your profitability.

Enjoy Bulk Container Storage Options

We offer such a wide range of bulk storage containers and other products because our customers have unique needs. We want all of our visitors to find a solution that matches what they’re looking for.

That said, we know that sometimes the job asks for options not yet available. That’s why we offer custom bulk storage containers that are designed and manufactured to perfectly meet your specialized requirements.

If you don’t see the type of bulk storage containers you’ve been looking for, get in touch with one of our product specialists. These professionals are deeply experienced and can provide expert guidance as you seek to craft the right bulk storage container solutions for your jobs.

Cherry’s Industrial: Your Source for Storage Solutions

Material-Handling.com is the e-commerce component of Cherry's Industrial Equipment. For more than 20 years, Cherry’s Industrial has served customers from different backgrounds and industries with high-quality storage solutions — bulk storage containers included. While we offer these high-quality storage solutions at competitive prices, we also deliver first-class customer service and support that’s responsive to your needs.

What sets us apart from many of our competitors is our focus on making things easier for our customers. We have dedicated product specialists who can provide valuable guidance in selecting the ideal bulk storage containers for your needs and budget. We've also made our e-commerce site simple to navigate. You won't waste time sorting through bloated catalogs or getting lost on confusing websites that inevitably lead to dead ends.

When you’re looking for the best in storage containers as well as customer service that aims to go above and beyond, choose Cherry’s Industrial and Material-Handling.com. Explore our bulk storage containers above, or contact us to learn more about your custom options by filling out our online form or calling us at 877-350-2729.

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