Finding the right industrial or warehouse storage solutions can be challenging. There are many storage container options and hundreds of competing manufacturer brands on the market. Deciding what’s right for your particular application takes research and gathering product knowledge so you can make the right choice of storage containers.

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Storage space and supply capacity are critical components in the warehousing industry. Warehouse space is expensive to purchase and operate. Making the most effective and efficient use of valuable storage space is a key economic driver in business profitability. Purchasing the right storage containers can have an enormous impact on the return on that investment. Often, that’s a choice between fixed-wall aluminum and collapsible wire mesh storage containers.

Industrial Storage Containers: The Key to Efficient Warehouse Organization

Warehouse managers strive to find the best organizing systems that give them fast and cost-effective service in managing inventory. Effective material handling equipment manages a company’s inventory in a way that eliminates waste of space and products. The right containers allow a warehouse team to be efficient in material placement and retrieval, as well as offering a safe and clean working environment.

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Warehouse space is usually a defined commodity. Whether you’re building or acquiring an existing warehouse facility, you’ll only have a finite amount of storage area. That space is bound by the floor area, the walls and the ceiling. It’s best to think of storage space a being measured in cubic feet rather than square feet. The floor footprint is a two-dimensional, length-and-width boundary, while adding the wall height up to the ceiling gives it a three-dimensional volume.

Purchasing proper containers that work efficiently within the warehouse and make maximum use of a limited volume is part of an overall strategy a good manager takes in running a smooth and profitable storage business. Helping find and provide the best storage containers for an industrial warehouse setting is what the professionals at Cherry’s Industrial Equipment do best.

Collapsible wire containers are strong, yet compact when not in use. In a folded state, collapsible containers save enormous volume space by lying flat and out of the way. This frees up valuable area for products in use or in transit. Fixed-wall aluminum industrial storage containers are rigid and strong, with a larger load capacity than wire mesh or plastic containers. They’re not as compact as collapsible containers, but fixed-wall containers are a popular choice for many Cherry’s customers.

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Cherry’s Industrial is one of the nation’s leading storage container suppliers. We work with you to plan and develop storage solutions. That includes recommending the exact combination of fixed-wall storage containers, collapsible wire mesh containers and more. Each type of storage container has its benefits and specifics in their application.

What Type of Storage Container is Right for My Business?

Getting the most from a storage facility includes sourcing and procuring the proper storage containers. The vast majority of facilities that Cherry’s Industrial has helped equip utilize a variety of different containers in their operations. These leading businesses take a mixed approach to purchasing the right containers for their specific purpose.

In many cases, Cherry’s Industrial customers select a blend between fixed-wall and collapsible storage containers. Their selection depends on exactly what materials or finished products they handle. They depend on sturdy, fixed-wall aluminum containers for large objects with heavy weights. Lighter wire mesh containers serve their purpose in storing smaller objects that have a limited time frame in the facility.

While fixed-wall containers take up more space, they’re better suited to housing big components or articles that need a lot of room and require significant support while sitting on stackable shelves or being transported around the warehouse on pallets carried by a forklift or lift truck.

Collapsible wire mesh containers are perfect solutions for retaining lightweight parts and pieces that can be easily seen and identified. Often, wire mesh containers handle many different types of materials on a rotating basis. Being able to quickly identify what goods are in the container is an enormous time saver that contributes to greater efficiency.

Choosing the Right Industrial Storage Solution

There are countless industrial storage container options on the market today, which can make choosing the right one for your application difficult and overwhelming. Cherry’s has put together this guide to help you weigh the pros and cons of fixed wall aluminum containers and collapsible wire mesh containers. Read on for help in deciding which type of container is the best fit for your business.

Benefits of Fixed or Rigid-Wall Aluminum Storage Containers

Warehouse managers and procurement agents choose fixed-wall aluminum storage containers for specific applications and reasons. Primarily, they choose fixed or rigid-wall containers because they’re built to different specs.

Fixed-wall containers do not have drop-down gates like many wire mesh and plastic containers. Fixed-wall storage containers have all four sides and their floor connected. This solid construction gives superior strength and rigidity to the container, making it able to carry greater weight and be stacked with many levels on top of each other without fear of collapse or toppling over.

Aluminum is commonly used for constructing most metal fixed-wall containers. Steel and other metals like tin and iron are rarely used due to their weight and composition. Aluminum is a marvelous material for making containers because it is:

  • Lightweight
  • Exceptionally strong
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Rust- and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to weld and form
  • Fireproof and non-flammable
  • Nontoxic
  • Able to be finished in paints and powder coatings
  • Recyclable
  • Safe

Other benefits of aluminum fixed-wall storage containers are:

  • Large capacity design
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Handles extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Excellent for outdoor conditions that are exposed to nature’s elements
  • Able to be outfitted with many options
  • Suitable for pallet attachments
  • Stackable with up to 4,000 pounds in four high tiers
  • Durable material that resists damage
  • Water impermeable
  • Available in various sizes and holding capacities

All these benefits make aluminum containers outstanding storage devices. They’re the perfect option for a warehouse facility manager looking for a combination of strength and longevity. Aluminum offers a container that’s ergonomically safe and presents a hygienic environment.

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Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offers fixed-wall aluminum storage containers in six standard sizes. Two of these have the option of being built with drop-down doors for flexible usage. Consistently, Cherry’s Industrial aluminum containers have a 40” x 48” footprint and come in varying wall heights. Customers are encouraged to compare the different aluminum products, as well as comparing aluminum containers to their wire mesh and plastic counterparts.

Fixed-Wall Storage Containers Can Be Safer Than Collapsible Containers

Businesses also choose to use fixed-wall containers for safety reasons. Fixed-wall containers aren’t designed with collapsible sides or gates. Because of the collapsible design, the lighter duty containers aren’t capable of retaining heavy weights in as safe a manner.

This isn’t to say there’s any particular danger to using collapsible wire containers. It depends entirely on the load and the specifics of what the containers are being asked to do. Wire containers are perfect for objects where light penetration and airflow are important considerations. They’re also ideal for perishable items like foodstuffs and vulnerable commodities.

An important safety point in selecting a fixed-wall aluminum container is its ability to contain objects with sharp edges and exposed projections. These irregularities can protrude from a wire mesh container and snag on passing workers’ clothing or puncture their skin. That hazard is highly unlikely with a fixed-wall, enclosed storage container.

Handling weight is another safety factor surrounding storage containers. Even though Cherry’s Industrial uses aluminum for the majority of fixed-wall metal containers, the overall container weight per volume capacity is heavier than in an equivalent wire mesh or plastic storage container. The heavier weight of a fixed metal container can cause greater strain on workers who routinely move containers around while loading and unloading them.

Knowing exactly what products need to be stored in a warehouse can help you make the proper choice in bulk-purchasing the right containers to serve an entire warehouse or fleet of warehouses. Cherry’s Industrial is proud to serve both large and small businesses throughout the U.S.

Cherry’s Industrial regularly partners with customers to select and supply their exact needs. The right solution or combination of containers is usually available in standard sizes that are kept in stock. Sometimes, however, customers can’t find exactly what they need in standard sizes or materials.

This is where Cherry’s Industrial Equipment outshines the competition. We’re able to collaborate with customers to custom-design and build exactly the right storage container and storage system that perfectly suits customers’ unique requirements. Customization is an option that some businesses find attractive, particularly within the aerospace industry, which has specific needs and sometimes atypical commodities.

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Custom works is an option for storage facility managers to consider. It lends well to some businesses that can’t find a solution in purchasing fixed-wall and collapsible wire mesh or plastic containers. Cherry’s Industrial professional representatives work with customers and discuss the features and benefits that fixed-wall and collapsible containers offer. Then, they settle on the right choice of material to complement the design boundaries.

Benefits of Collapsible Wire Mesh Storage Containers

Perhaps fixed-wall aluminum containers won’t work in your space. Or maybe fixed-wall storage containers serve part of your needs, but you want other features and benefits aluminum can’t deliver. Then it’s time to look into wire mesh containers.

Storage containers constructed of robotic welder wire mesh are highly durable and cost-effective. The main material is a 2-gauge helical hinged wire that’s assembled into an open grid pattern. Standard grids are 2” x 2” and 4” x 4”. These form a durable and strong basket-weave design that’s perfect for storing products and materials without fear of loss or damage.

Wire mesh containers are among the most popular storage containers Cherry’s stocks and distributes. Particularly popular are collapsible wire mesh containers. That’s for a good reason, as wire mesh containers have these great benefits:

  • Exceptionally lightweight and strong construction
  • Capable of being folded flat and tucked away when not in use
  • Conserve storage space that frees up volume
  • Allow easy sight access to identify contents
  • Let air flow around contents as well as light penetration
  • Perfect for indoor and limited outdoor application
  • Economical to produce and purchase
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Clean easily and do not trap dirt and debris
  • Offer a variety of finishes
  • Versatile size, shape and options
  • Design and capacity are customizable

Wire mesh containers are fast and easy to construct. This makes them economical and versatile. Collapsible wire mesh containers are available with numerous options such as side doors, drop gates, solid feet or rolling casters, dividers, running bars’ latches, lids and identification nameplates. All are available in a galvanized steel finish or a range of powder-coated colors.

wire mesh storage benefits

Some of the most important benefits of wire mesh storage containers are ease of access, enhanced interior visibility and vertical application or stacking ability. Many of Cherry’s Industrial customers choose wire mesh construction for the simple fact that they can easily see and reach inside. This saves considerable time and greatly improves worker productivity.

Wire Mesh Storage Containers Are Light, yet Sturdy

Because wire mesh containers are designed to be light yet sturdy, they lend well to be stacked on top of each other when fully extended. This greatly increases usable volume space in a warehouse and has an excellent return on investment for making the highest and best use of scarce and valuable area.

Wire mesh containers excel at conserving space in the other direction. Where fixed-wall containers will always require a set amount of room, containers made from mesh and designed to collapse or fold down can save a significant amount of room when not needed. This gives a facility manager the room to expand their limited storage area to house other products. It’s a great tradeoff for seasonal products and one-off commodities.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment carries wire mesh storage containers in five models with a range of different dimensions and load capacities.

  • Small models are suitable for tiny parts and pieces.
  • Medium models can contain a variety of lighter products.
  • Large models will hold bigger products, whether light or heavy.
  • Extra-large models are for big jobs and large loads.
  • Custom models can accommodate whatever the customer needs.

As with fixed-wall aluminum containers, Cherry’s Industrial can work with you to design and build custom wire mesh containers in whatever capacities and dimensions your facility needs. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment customer-service representatives are always available to respond to customer inquiries as well as partnering to develop unique and specific storage solutions.

Cherry’s Industrial also is a leading supplier of plastic storage containers. Plastic containers come in a variety of models that have both fixed-wall and collapsible sides. Plastic containers are often a favorite with Cherry’s customers, due to the benefits they offer.

Benefits of Plastic Fixed-Wall and Collapsible Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers can be the most effective and efficient option in many situations. Most plastic industrial containers are made from a strong, highly durable material called high-density polyethylene, or HDPE. This tough stuff is used in many commercial and industrial products, including the manufacturing of storage containers.

HDPE is easily molded and made into storage containers that have fixed or rigid walls, as well as sides that can be folded or collapsed. Like wire mesh containers, collapsible plastic containers save space when not in service, but plastic has its own benefits as a storage container material. Benefits of using plastic in storage containers include:

  • Virtually indestructible in normal use
  • Safe, clean and hygienic product
  • Excellent for food and dairy industry
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Lightweight and safe to handle
  • Highly resistant to weather and pollutants
  • Nontoxic and nontransferable of contaminants
  • Easy to move and transport
  • Stacks well, whether in fixed-wall or collapsible design
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors

As in aluminum and wire mesh container products, plastic storage containers are entirely superior to conventional containers made from wood or cardboard. Plastic cannot rot, corrode or rust, and it can’t break down in wet conditions. HDPE is also UV-resistant and stands up well when exposed to direct sunlight.

plastic container benefits

One thing plastic is not suitable for is being custom-designed by Cherry’s Industrial Equipment. Aluminum storage containers and wire mesh containers lend themselves well to customization, however. This is due to the difference in the specialized manufacturing process that plastic requires compared to working with metal.

HDPE plastic starts from a liquid that’s poured into a mold, then set to form whatever size and shape the mold has been designed for. Making molds is a time-consuming and expensive process that requires a different skill set and tooling than manufacturing products made from aluminum or wire mesh.

Compare Products with our Helpful Online Tool

On Cherry’s Industrial Equipment website, there’s a handy tool that allows you to compare products at the touch of a button. Here you can cross-view what’s available among all the storage containers — from fixed-aluminum to plastic and wire. You’re easily able to track and list what products are best suited to your warehouse needs.

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Take a browse and make a list. Shop from among hundreds of other Cherry’s Industrial Equipment products and featured specials, then contact a professional representative and discuss your interests. That might include exploring what custom options we can provide for you, as well as the benefits of choosing collapsible wire mesh storage containers.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Supplies Containers to Many Types of Businesses

Cherry’s Industrial has supplied fixed-wall aluminum containers to heavy-duty material handlers like automotive and chemical businesses. We’ve also provided collapsible wire mesh containers to huge retail outlets. And Cherry’s Industrial has worked with the food industry to come up with a scale-of-economy solution for their storage needs that required collapsible plastic containers.

Many industries across the board have benefited from partnering with Cherry’s Industrial Equipment to find the right storage systems for their supply and distribution needs. We’ve worked with construction and building supply companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, the airline industry, electronic parts producers and even janitorial supply warehouses. Despite their differences, all these companies have one thing in common when it comes to storing their products and materials.

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All of these businesses have a key pivot point. That’s the crucial point that controls their ability to manage everything from SKU identification to bulk storage of raw or finished goods. A properly functioning key pivot point allows a warehouse to maintain economic order quantities. Efficient storage is part of establishing the key pivot point and excellence in storage revolves around the pivot point.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Custom Makes Aluminum and Wire Mesh Containers

Fortunately, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has the technology to assist you in making custom storage containers in both aluminum and wire mesh. If you can’t find a suitable solution to your storage problems among our stock and standard containers, let Cherry’s Industrial professional representatives help you with developing a truly custom product for your facility.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is one of America’s leading material handling suppliers and distributors. We work with other manufacturers to provide our customers with the highest-quality and highest-value products. Our team of professionals has years of experience in all types of industrial equipment, including storage containers.

Don’t forget to check out Cherry’s Industrial Equipment’s handy online comparison tool. It easily allows you to browse, keep track and compare what storage solutions are best for you.