Choosing the Right Containers for Your Warehouse

Running a smooth warehouse operation requires constant flexibility and creativity when it comes to inventory management solutions. One of the biggest problems warehouses face is how they can efficiently organize and store their products. Choosing the right industrial storage container is critical for your warehouse workflow. Not only can containers organize and store your inventory, but they can also prevent product damage, worker injury and lost productivity time. Read on to learn more about the options for industrial storage containers and how to choose the right type and size of container for your business.

Why Choosing the Right Container is Important

When looking for the right industrial containers to store and ship your bulk items and other products, it’s important to choose the right containers from the start. This means you’ll have to consider different factors before purchasing your new industrial storage containers. We’ll cover more of that below, but first, let’s look at some of the reasons why selecting the right warehouse container is important.

Containers can help organize your warehouse in several ways. But knowing which container to choose is important because it can address many management challenges. Here are some reasons why having right storage container is important:

Choosing The Right Container
  • Use of space: One of the primary reasons you need to choose the right industrial container is so that you’re maximizing your warehouse storage space. This means containing the most amount of product within the least amount of space. Remember this includes both horizontally and vertically. If you choose bins or containers that are too small, then you may need to purchase more containers. The correct product-to-container size ratio is important.
  • Proper function: Choosing the right container requires you to understand what function you want your containers to serve. Make sure that whichever type of container you select supports whatever storage capacity you need. Not all warehouse containers serve the same purpose. Knowing the different applications of each type of industrial container will ensure you buy the right ones from the beginning. Otherwise, you may end up with containers that are useless for your warehouse storage needs.
  • Loss prevention: You also need to choose the right containers for loss prevention reasons. Warehouse storage containers not only help you improve storage space and operations, but they cut back on product damage. This only works if you choose the right containers to house your products. For example, if you’re handling sterile products then you need containers that meet certain guidelines.
  • Durability: Being a successful warehouse manager means protecting your bottom line. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in the right industrial equipment that will contribute to your profit, not take away from it. You can save money in the long-run by choosing the most durable, high-quality industrial storage containers available. This prevents you from having to invest in new storage solutions because your warehouse storage containers wore out or broke after only limited use.
  • Industry specifications: Different industries have unique needs when it comes to managing and storing their products. That’s why you need to work with experts who understand your unique business requirements and can offer a full storage solution. Cherry’s Material Handling works with countless different industries from automotive to food and beverage. We know how to best protect and organize your products, and we have the industrial storage containers to do the job.

Now that you have a better idea of the importance of choosing the right containers, we’ll look at each type of container that’s available. Different types of containers offer different functions, storage capabilities, capacities, materials and more. Considering what each type of industrial storage container has to offer can help you better understand your own storage needs.

Types of Containers

Cherry’s Material Handling is proud to offer our customers a wide range of container types, materials, functions, sizes and features. We have conventional industrial containers as well as a helpful assortment of bins and boxes. We also have storage containers designed for the transportation link in the supply chain. These containers are designed to guard your products against the challenges that come with shipping.

We also recognize that different industries have different needs. That’s why we offer warehouse storage container solutions for virtually every business sector. From small bulk items to food, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has the storage solutions for your type and size of product. This includes specialty containers, such as those for the agricultural industry, which require compliance with government regulations.

Cherry’s Industrial also offers customizable storage solutions. If you’re looking for specific ways to organize your warehouse with industrial containers, then perhaps a customized container solution is right for you. Our product engineers can produce any conceivable container style, size, function and specialization. Fully and semi-customized containers help you take control of your warehouse storage issues, improve efficiency and prevent product damage.

Here’s an overview of the broad types of storage containers available through Cherry’s Industrial Equipment’s Material Handling website:

  1. Wire containers — Economical, clean and versatile industrial storage solutions
  2. Collapsible containers — Durable, stackable containers that protect bulk items
  3. Bins and Boxes — Multi-functional and convenient organizational containers
  4. Metal containers — Strong, secure and low-maintenance transportation or warehouse storage containers
Types of Storage Containers

Each of these container types optimizes warehouse storage space in their own way. They each serve a particular function and have unique features and pros and cons. You’ll find varying storage capacities and sizes from these different industrial containers. Let’s cover each of these container types in detail, to make choosing the right industrial container easier.

1. Wire Containers

Wire containersWire containers may sound self-explanatory, but there’s more to these storage solutions than meets the eye. With unique collapsible and stackable functionality, wire containers contribute immensely to an organized, safe warehouse. Plus, wire containers are specifically designed to improve visibility to make order-picking easier. All of Cherry’s Industrial’s wire container solutions are available here.

Wire Container Functions:

Wire containers are durable storage units with a mesh pattern perfect for containing bulk items and batches. They work well for products such as soft goods and large plastic components. Here are some core functions of wire containers and what they can offer your warehouse:

  • Visibility: Wire containers are great for improving visibility. If you want to make your products easy to see for order-picking, then the wire mesh pattern is ideal.
  • Cleanliness: The open pattern of wire containers allows debris to fall through making it easier to keep your storage area clean and tidy.
  • Accessibility: Wire containers allow for easy accessibility with front half-drop gate. This is a much better solution compared to alternatives like cardboard boxes or plastic bags.
  • Space maximization: If you need to free up floor space, wire containers can help because of their vertical, stackable design.
  • Affordability: For budget-conscious warehouses, wire containers are the ticket. Wire baskets and containers are the most economical storage solution, giving you an easy and affordable way to organize your products and maximize warehouse space.

Wire Container Material:

Wire mesh containers are manufactured using 2-gauge welded wire constructed into an even mesh pattern. Our wire containers are robotically welded at 60+ points meaning they’re extremely durable and long-lasting. Each container is finished with a powder coated gray finish after welding.

Wire Container Sizes:

Wire containers from Cherry’s Industrial come in four different sizes and volumes each with their own load capacity. Here’s our range of bulk container sizes in the wire mesh option:

  • Junior: Junior wire containers are a 20” x 32” x 22” in height with a 1,500-pound load capacity. They have a half-inch by half-inch mesh pattern, which is tight enough to contain small objects while still maintaining visibility. They’re capable of stacking four high.
  • Medium: Medium wire containers measure 32” x 40” x 34” in height and have a 4,000-pound load capacity. With a four-unit stackable design, you can devise multi-container storage fixture that can hold up to 16,000 pounds of product, while taking up less than nine feet of floor space.
  • Large: Large wire containers also have a 4,000-pound load capacity, but they’re sized at 40” x 48” x 36” in height. Large sized wire containers have a two-inch by two-inch mesh pattern.
  • Extra-Large: Extra-large wire containers provide your warehouse with ample room. They’re sized at 40” x 48” x 42” in height and have a 4,000-pound load capacity. Extra-large wire containers are available in our standard two-in by two-inch mesh design or custom four-inch by four-inch mesh pattern.

Wire Containers Features:

There are several important features to consider when picking the right industrial container. Here are some of the added benefits of our wire container options:

  • Half and full drop-down gates
  • Stabilizing feet
  • Stackable design (up to four containers high while fully loaded)
  • Collapsible design (up to ten units high when collapsed)
  • Custom color finishes available

Wire Container Accessories:

Wire containers from Cherry’s Industrial have several accessory options available to add functionality to your storage units. Here are some of the accessories available for your wire containers:

  • Pallet runners
  • Fork pockets
  • Fork stirrups
  • Casters
  • Two-way and four-way dividers
  • Hinged lids
  • Label placeholder

2. Collapsible Containers

Collapsible storage containers are an absolute staple in warehouse management. They’re the best way to get your inventory organization issues under control. Collapsible bulk containers help you sort through your inventory, free up space, improve workflow and prevent product loss. They’re also an important component in ensuring worker safety. For durable and versatile storage solutions, browse through Cherry’s Industrial’s supply of collapsible containers.

Collapsible Bulk Containers

Collapsible Container Functions:

Collapsible containers from Cherry’s Industrial are excellent storage and freight container options for almost every industry. They’re durable and long-lasting and can continuously be reused or stored away when not in use. Here are a few of the different functions that collapsible plastic bulk containers offer:

  • Reusable and returnable: One of the most appealing things about collapsible storage containers is their applications in freight and transportation. You can reliably ship products in collapsible containers and return them to warehouses from various distribution points. They make a great investment if you want to a container solution that’s reusable within your supply chain.
  • Transportation: Collapsible containers also make for a great solution during transportation. That’s because collapsible plastic bulk containers from Cherry’s Industrial are stackable units that can maximize space in the freight truck. They also collapse down nicely so they can readily be sent back in large quantities to your main warehouse or distribution center, effectively maximizing space in the truck.
  • Multi-purpose storage: Collapsible containers are considered multi-purpose. This means you can contain and ship multiple product types and bulk items without needing multiple container solutions.
  • Durability: The strength and durability of collapsible containers make them an ideal solution for supply chain shipping solutions or basic warehouse storage. Investing in collapsible containers means you’re getting a long-lasting product that will also prevent loss. You can choose the type of construction you want to ensure you’re getting the right strength level.

Collapsible Container Material:

Collapsible containers from Cherry’s Industrial are made from structured foam plastics. ORBIS, the company that manufactures our collapsible containers, uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to construct them. This makes these plastic containers not just robust but also 100% recyclable.

Plastic containers are lightweight and 100% recyclable!

Collapsible Container Sizes:

If you’re determining the warehouse container size that’s right for you, you need to look at not only its physical size but also its capacity. There are several different collapsible containers sizes available through Cherry’s Industrial. They come in general purpose, medium and heavy duty as well as extended height and length. Here are just a few of the different collapsible container sizes we carry:

  • Medium-Duty Collapsible Containers:
    • 2,000-pound capacity heavy duty containers come in 32” x 30” with 18, 25, 30 and 34-inch heights
    • 1,500-pound capacity heavy duty containers come in 48” x 45” with 25- and 34-inch heights

For a full selection of collapsible container sizes, visit our collapsible containers page.

Collapsible Container Features:

If you’re looking to get the most out of your warehouse storage container solutions, then consider the many space-maximizing and timesaving features of plastic bulk containers from Cherry’s Industrial:

  • Collapsible design
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Stackable space-saving units
  • Reusable and returnable
  • Available with container lids
  • Easy and safe to transport by pallet jacks and forklifts

3. Bins and Boxes

If you’re managing and storing multiple types of products in different sizes, weights and materials, then you must have an assortment of bins and boxes on hand. Having a variety of bins and boxes available in your warehouse helps you manage your inventory quickly. It makes good sense to have assorted container units available for when you’re receiving new shipments or doing a complete overhaul of your inventory storage practices. They also make a perfect transport storage solution. Cherry’s Industrial can help by providing you with our assorted industrial bins and boxes.

Bins and Boxes Functions:

Bins and boxes from Cherry’s Industrial come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials. Each serves a particular function and is geared towards certain industries. Here are some examples of the different services that our bins and boxes provide:

  • Agricultural bins: Agricultural bins are designed to meet the needs of farming businesses for storage and transportation. We offer both vented wall bins for freshness and solid wall bins for other agricultural products. Agricultural bins are also fully compliant with USDA and HACCP regulations.
  • Meat containers: Our meat containers are excellent options for meat processing and food distribution companies. These bins are easy to clean, transport and store. They also adhere to USDA and HACCP regulations.
  • Parts bins: Parts bins are essentials in industrial supply warehouses. These small bins help you keep small parts organized, visible and accessible. Bins also come in different sizes and colors to help you build the most effective and efficient warehouse organization system for your small parts.
  • Shelf bins: Take your inventory organization to the next level with multi-unit shelf bins. Shelf bins help you contain your small parts, prevent clutter and disorganization and ultimately improve workflow. No more losing or misplacing inventory items. Shelf bins help you divide up and sort through your products easily.
  • Stack-N-Nest: As the name implies, stack-n-nest containers are organizational bins that conveniently stack on top of each and nest inside each other when empty. Stack-n-nest containers also have various storage configurations. For example, one bin can stack on top of another bin that’s twice its size. Stack-n-nest bins come in countless sizes, depths and colors.
Services our bins and boxes provide

Bins and Boxes Material:

All of Cherry’s Industrial’s bins and boxes are constructed with highly durable plastic material. Our assorted bins and boxes are made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. Our bin material is FDA approved and ESD safe.

Bins and Boxes Sizes:

We carry a wide variety of versatile bins and boxes because we understand that different industries have different needs. Below are some examples of the bulk container sizes we offer. You can view our full list of bins and boxes and their sizes on our bins and boxes page.

    • 48” x 40” x 31" in height; 1,500-pound capacity
    • 48” x 40” x 28" in height; 1,320-pound capacity
    • 47” x 32” x 29” in height; 1,543-pound capacity
    • 48" x 44" x 33" in height; 2,000-pound load capacity
    • Parts bins sizes range from 5 inches up to 18 inches and are sold in increments,
    • Shelf bins sizes range from 12 inches up to 24 inches and are sold in increments.
    • Stack-N-Nest bins range from 6.2 inches up to 13 inches and are sold in multiple quantities.

4. Metal Containers

Metal industrial storage containers are a favorite storage solution for warehouses. They’re incredibly durable and long-lasting compared to other storage options. They’re also easy to clean and sanitize, which is important where hygiene is a concern. They also offer ergonomic benefits for workers. Cherry’s Industrial carries a variety of metal containers, including collapsible or fixed-wall options.

Metal containers are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Metal Container Functions:

Metal containers are extremely versatile. They offer unique benefits and functionality that you can’t get from plastic bins. They can be used in virtually every industrial capacity and are an excellent long-term business investment. Here are some of the advantages that metal containers offer:

  • Reusable and recyclable: An important function of metal containers is their ability to be reused over and over again. They’re a one-time business investment that can go on to serve in all parts of a supply chain, including transit. They’re also entirely recyclable.
  • Hygienic: Metal containers, specifically aluminum containers, offer an extra level of hygiene and sanitation. That’s why so many healthcare facilities use these amazing lightweight storage units. If your warehouse requires an exceptionally hygienic environment, then aluminum storage containers are a great option for keeping your inventory both safe and clean.
  • Storage space maximization: Warehouse management is all about improving functionality and workflow. Part of that is ensuring proper use of space. Metal containers safely stack on top of each other, maximizing your vertical space. With front accessibility through drop-down gates, your workers can safely identify and pick contents, while your inventory stays secure.
  • Temperature extreme resistance: If you’re working in temperature-controlled environments, then you need metal containers. Metal holds up against temperature extremes, whether it’s in cold storage or high-heat conditions. Metal containers from Cherry’s Industrial are fireproof. Temperature extremes won’t degrade a metal container’s quality over time like they might with plastic or cardboard.
Our metal containers are extremely durable with a high strength-to-load weight ratio.

Metal Container Materials:

Metal containers are made from solid metal or aluminum materials. Our metal containers come with stainless steel reinforcements and locking mechanisms and are extremely durable with a high strength-to-load weight ratio.

Metal Container Sizes:

Cherry’s Industrial supplies two broad types of metal containers: collapsible and fixed wall aluminum. Each of these types of metal containers has different sizes to choose from. Here are examples of the sizes we have available:

    • 40" x 48" x 39" in height; 4,000-pound capacity
    • 40" x 48" x 42" in height; 5,000-pound capacity
    • 40” x 48” x 39” in height; 4,000-pound capacity
    • 40" x 48" x 42" in height; 4,000-pound capacity

Which Type of Container is Right for Me?

Now that you have an idea of the massive variety of storage containers available through Cherry’s Industrial, how do you pick the right one for you? And how do you know what size of container you need? To determine the size and type of warehouse container that’s right for you, there are a few things you need to consider. It requires taking a look at your current situation and assessing what your current storage challenges are. It also means critically thinking about your unique business needs as well as future growth plans.

Which type of container is right for me?

Below are some tips on choosing the right industrial container. They’ll give you ideas on what to consider when shopping for inventory storage solutions:

What function do my containers serve?

The most important thing to consider when choosing the right container is its function. Do you need containers for transporting goods? Do you need containers to remain static in your warehouse? Are you using containers on a warehouse floor or are you stacking them in a supply room? Do you store your products in batches? Also, think of accessibility needs and how often your workers are picking from these containers. If they’re picking product frequently, then your containers need to be designed for convenient accessibility.

What level of durability do I need?

Durability needs depend on many factors. Containers that you transport regularly need to withstand constant movement. Containers that remain static in a storage facility won’t have to endure the same kind of frequent handling. By knowing which applications your new storage containers serve, you can determine the durability level you require. Cherry’s Industrial offers different construction strength levels in many of our storage solutions, including our collapsible containers.

What are my current storage challenges?

There are probably many reasons why you’re in the market for new storage containers. Consider what your current storage solution looks like and why it’s not quite ideal. By assessing your current storage challenges, you can dream up the perfect storage system. Your storage system should address challenges like workflow, safety, loss prevention and space maximization. All of Cherry’s Industrial storage containers help solve these common warehousing problems.

There's always the option to customize a solution through Cherry's Industrial Equipment.

What are my unique industry needs?

If you’re transporting and storing produce, meat, medical supplies or other sensitive products, then your unique container needs will be different from an automotive supplier. Your requirements may include containers that meet certain government guidelines and can be easily and effectively sanitized. Other unique business needs may include cold storage solutions, which require durable, temperature-resistant materials. Before you purchase any industrial storage container, be sure to consider the unique features your business needs. And remember, there’s always the option to customize a solution through Cherry’s Industrial Equipment.

How to Pick the Right Container Size

By now you likely have the right type of container picked out. You know the material you need and the different container features that you need for your business. Now it’s time to choose the correct size. It’s no problem if you don’t immediately know which bulk container sizes are right for you. The knowledgeable product specialists at Cherry’s Industrial are an excellent resource for helping you choose the correct industrial container size. But if you’re looking to understand warehouse container sizes better, then here are some factors to consider when choosing the right industrial container size for your needs:

Product Size:

The actual size of the individual product item you’re storing will largely determine how big your container will be. If you’re storing small parts or large items, then your container size needs will likely be different. You’ll also need to consider if you’re storing products in batches or as loose items. Determine how many items you want to store per container based on your inventory management protocols.

Product Weight:

Like product size, product weight matters when determining the right size of a warehouse container. If you have heavy, metal items, then you’ll need a stronger load capacity. If you’re storing lightweight, plastic items then you likely only need a low weight capacity.

Workplace Safety:

The next big consideration when choosing container sizes is workplace safety. What’s the maximum weight capacity that your workers or your machines can safely carry? Reviewing OSHA safety standards as well as your own internal safety commitments can help you determine the type of container size you can safely use in your warehouse.

Reviewing the OSHA Safety Standards

Container Storage:

Finally, you’ll also want to think ahead about where you’ll be storing full containers. If you have an existing shelving unit, then you need to ensure that whatever container you purchase has the correct load capacity for your shelves. All industrial shelving units have ratings for maximum load capacity. You want to make sure that the total number of loaded containers you’re storing on one shelving unit falls under this limit.

Measuring Your Existing Containers:

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment experts are here to help. One of the keys to selecting the right container is to know what isn’t working. It's wise to look at your current container sizes before deciding on the size you need. This helps you determine whether you need to go up or down in size. You can calculate container size by measuring your container’s height, width and depth. Just remember that the frame of the container takes up some space and width and that you shouldn't count this as available volume.

Container Handling and Storage Solutions

There are many keys to improving operations in your warehouse. Having proper space-saving storage containers is only one step. An efficient warehouse also needs to address problems such as workflow, safety and loss prevention. You can remedy all three of these problems by investing in and using professional material handling equipment and racking solutions from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment.

Two of our most useful and versatile warehouse management solutions are our container tilters and our pallet racking. Here’s a look at how each of these solutions can maximize efficiency while preventing worker injuries and damage to products.

Container Tilters

Container Tilters:

When it comes to handling containers, Cherry’s has just the solution: container tilters. These mechanical devices are specifically designed to help lift and tilt large, heavy storage containers to make them readily accessible to workers. Container tilters are popular in warehouses because they are a simple yet effective way to address one of the worst workflow bottlenecks in inventory management — order picking or parts selection. Even after you've properly sorted and organized your products into suitable storage containers, you still have the challenge of safely and efficiently accessing those products.

Workers who need to repeatedly access contained items throughout their day are spending a great deal of their productive time bending down to pull products out of containers. Or they may constantly be reaching up or over to access stacked containers or containers on shelving units. This continuous bending and stretching is not only time-consuming, but it’s also a potential cause of chronic injury due to repetitive strain. It also puts your products at risk of being dropped and damaged, which can be damaging to your bottom line.

Container tilters address all three of these problems.

Firstly, container tilters allow your workers to position your large containers, boxes and bins so that they can easily access products  — even items that are at the bottom of the container. Secondly, because the containers are brought up to an accessible height or tilt, the order-picking worker doesn’t need to bend down or reach over to grab the products they need, which can cause painful muscle strain. Thirdly, container tilters provide an easy way to pick products, so that busy workers don’t mishandle items as they access them.

Cherry’s Industrial offers several types of container tilters, each with unique functionality designed for different job types. Here are our container tilters:

  • Electric container tilters: Electric container tilters contribute to a vast improvement in order picking times. Some electric container tilters can lift and tilt up to 6,000 pounds. Plus, they do it quickly and safely.
  • Hydraulic container tilters: Hydraulic tilters are convenient, versatile and safe. Our hydraulic tilters provide either portable or stationary lifting and tilting functions.
  • Manual container tilters: These portable and easy to use container tilters can help your workers speed up workflow. They’re also a cost-effective solution that you can use in a variety of applications including moving and tilting containers, boxes and pallets.
  • Pneumatic container tilters: Pneumatic container tilters help you design an efficient and safe work station. These tilting devices can be mounted to the floor or work benches. You can even install them on their own legs.
Racking that Houses your Loaded Containers Needs to be Sturdy

Pallet Racking:

The other solution you need to consider when it comes to warehouse containers, is where and how you will store them after you load them. For this, you need industrial-strength and specially designed racking solutions. Racking that houses your loaded containers needs to be sturdy, long-lasting and suitable in size and capacity for your inventory. Warehouse racking solutions help you organize and store your containers, maximize warehouse floor space and prevent product damage by providing a safe, designated place for your contained items. Here’s a look at how Cherry’s Industrial can put together a customized pallet racking solution for storing your pallets and containers:

  • Tear drop frames and uprights:Your racking solution starts with setting up the right frame. This acts as the foundation that delivers the structure you need to support your contained products. Each shelving unit within the frame needs to be the right height, width and depth to fit your container type. It also needs to be reliable enough to hold whatever weight capacity you’re storing. Check out the different sizes of upright frames available through Cherry’s Industrial.
  • Step beams:As an added reinforcement to a pallet racking setup, step beams help to lock and secure uprights so that shelves don’t give way under heavy containers and pallets. Different step beam sizes are available to help address whichever weight load you’re looking to support. View our selection of step beams to add to your upright racking system.
  • Support bars:If you already have shelving units, but need extra support, then support bars are the solution. These structural bars add an extra layer of safety and containment to your shelving unit to keep pallets and containers from falling. That’s because they prevent shelving from flexing while helping to evenly distribute container weight. Learn more about the types of support bars available through Cherry’s Industrial.

Warehouse Storage Containers from Cherry’s Material Handling

Warehouse managers and industrial operations specialists know to turn to the experts for all their warehouse inventory needs. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment understands how to improve warehouse organization with high-quality, durable and versatile containers and storage solutions.

If you’re looking to overhaul your warehouse storage methods, then browse through our inventory of wire, collapsible and metal containers as well as our assorted bins and boxes. And don’t forget to review our storage and material handling solutions such as container tilters and pallet racking to help you create a safe and productive warehouse environment.

You can purchase new container solutions directly through our user-friendly ecommerce website –  For more information or for assistance with choosing the right container solutions for your warehouse, contact Cherry’s Industrial Equipment today. Our product specialists are ready to help.

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