Where do I begin when it comes to purchasing lift tables?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a lift table.  To save yourself the time we recommend calling one of our product specialists at 877-350-2729 and they will be glad to assist you regarding what lift table will work best with your company’s particular application.

If you would like to do some research prior to talking to a professional, here are a few questions to consider when choosing the correct lift tables.

  1. What is the maximum weight you will be putting on the lift table
  2. What is the minimum lowered height and max raised height that you require?
  3. How will the load be situated on the table? Along the entire table, on the edge of the table, on one side of the table?... This is very important to make sure the load can be handled properly.
  4. What is the largest size of the load that will be resting on the lift table?
  5. How low and how high do you need the lift table to lower and lift?
  6. Do you need the lift table to be portable or stationary or both?
  7. Are you looking to have the table lift manually or electrically?
  8. How many times a day will the lift table be used? This will help you determine whether to purchase a manual or electric lift table.
  9. What safety considerations or safe guards are required by your company?
  10. What will be the environment be like where the lift table will be situated? Hot, Cold, Room Temperature, Dusty, Hygienic, and so on?
  11. What is your company’s time frame? Make sure to have a cushion of time to allow for the manufacturing of the lift tables.  Some can take 3-4 weeks others can take 6-10 weeks or more depending on the type.  Always be sure not to shop “at the last minute.”

What portable lift tables do you have available?

We carry a large range of portable lift tables at Cherry’s Industrial.  Here are the models that we currently have available:

How can I determine whether to purchase a manual or electric lift table?

  1. How many times will the lift table be used in the warehouse per shift?
    • If you intend to use a lift table regularly then a manual lift table will become more counter-productive then productive since extra time and physical wear and tear will be required to get the results you are looking for.
    • The extra investment for a good quality electric lift table will in the long run pay for itself.
  2. How many pumps will it take to raise the lift table to the height you require?
    • Multiply the total pumps it takes to raise the lift table to the height you require by the number of times you intend to use the lift table in a day, in a week.
    • If the resulting number is low then purchasing a manual lift table may make sense.
    • If the opposite is true then make the worthwhile investment and purchase an electric lift table.

What if I need a lift table that is not shown on your website or requires a custom design?

We specialize in custom designed lift table solutions at Cherry’s Industrial. Our goal for our www.material-handling.com website is to showcase those products that are the most in-demand and the most effective in most cases. If you do not see a lift table that fits your needs or that requires special customizations please call 877-350-2729 and one of our product specialist will help you find the lift table that will work best for your company’s application.

Why would I consider purchasing a stainless steel lift table?

In most cases, the reason for needing a stainless steel lift table will include the hygienic demands of your industry. For example, in the pharmaceutical and food industries a sanitary workplace environment is a must.  For this reason, all metallic equipment must be corrosive resistant.  There can be no place for rust coming in the vicinity of food or medicine. Another place where stainless steel lift table may make sense is if your environment has high condensation.

What options are available for self-leveling mechanical lift tables?

What control options are available for the SBL-1000 Hydraulic Mast Style Lift Table?

Either a Hand Pendant Control or a Foot Switch.  Please be sure to specify which you would prefer prior to ordering.