Benefits of Collapsible Storage Containers

Plastic collapsible storage containers are among the most popular items that Cherry’s Industrial Equipment handles.

The best managers looking after commercial and industrial warehouses understand storage space is one of their most valuable business assets. They also know that space can be one of their most expensive overhead costs. Storage space costs money, and effective use of that vital space converts back into significant savings.

For this reason, storage and shipping managers are constantly looking to improve their storage capacity. They do so by sourcing and purchasing the proper storage containers that give the best return on investment. Many have discovered collapsible storage containers are the perfect solution in providing that financial return.

Every business with storage issues should know about collapsible storage container uses and collapsible container benefits. That includes large-scale industrial facilities, mid-size manufacturing plants, and small wholesale and retail outlets covering industries as diverse as electronics, automotive, produce, and construction. Regardless of their operation and scope, any business with significant storage and shipping activity requires cost-effective solutions.

Effective operations are efficient because of the way they handle materials. Their manufacturing or distribution system for goods includes excellent methods of organizing product inventory. This includes materials being stored for manufacturing and assembly as well as storing the final product that’s waiting to be shipped.

every business should know benefits of collapsible storage containers

The right storage system allows product inventory to be stored for easy pick-up and recovery. It reduces waste, speeds selection and delivery times and provides a clean, organized and safe environment for employees and customers.

The perfect storage solution is a container that allows an easy means of holding a product and moving the commodity safely and efficiently when required. Good storage also needs fast material location and quick access to the contents. And good storage needs to take up little space when not in use. Collapsible storage containers do all that. In addition, collapsible containers improve inventory capacity and access, which ultimately makes a business more profitable.

Supply Chain Management Using Key Pivot Point

All businesses with a supply chain have a key pivot point.

A key pivot point is a storage and distribution center’s ability to manage items from bulk storage to SKU identification. This is crucial for maintaining goods in economic order quantities. Efficient storage is a main component in building this chain, and keeping it functional revolves around the key pivot point.

Storage and shipping are two different elements, but they can be integrated by choosing the right containers. Using the same product to accommodate both business aspects makes financial and logistical sense. Unnecessary packing, transporting and unpacking between building an inventory supply and fulfilling a customer demand creates slippage in time and exposes materials to risk of damage or loss.

Advantages of Collapsible Containers

There are virtually no disadvantages to using collapsible containers. Some may argue the initial purchase expense, but weighing that over the extended life of a properly built, collapsible storage container far offsets the primary investment. The extra cost absorbed in buying quality products like collapsible containers quickly returns in the form of longevity, durability, repeated use and safe protection of important contents.

Then there are the enormous savings in the storage facility’s space. When not in use, collapsible containers are folded up and stacked away. They take far less room in a deactivated state than conventional storage containers that have fixed dimensions and are not flexible in adjustment. Industrial collapsible storage containers are simply a far better solution for economizing and maximizing space, whether they’re made of plastic or wire mesh.

the perfect industrial storage solution

The uses and benefits of wire and plastic storage containers are similar, but each type leans toward a specific use. Every equipment-purchasing manager should consider collapsible wire container benefits separate from collapsible plastic container benefits. A prudent manager knows their business requirements but may not be aware of how each type of collapsible container can best serve their needs.

This is when it’s best to consult the experts in manufacturing and distributing both types of industrial collapsible containers. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is one of the nation’s leaders in building and providing storage containers for all types of businesses. Cherry’s Industrial has been in the storage container business since 1983 and offers optimal bulk storage solutions across a multitude of commercial businesses and industries.

Advice from Collapsible Storage Container Professionals

Getting professional advice from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment on collapsible container uses and benefits will help make the choice between wire or plastic materials easier. They’ll also advise on the proper sizes as well as work to provide custom designed storage systems for each application.

Cherry’s Industrial is the industrial equipment provider for all high- and low-density bulk storage requirements. Selecting the right collapsible containers allows a strategic use of warehouse space. They know the industry and understand warehouse and distribution issues. That includes explaining collapsible plastic container uses and benefits.

Working with Cherry’s Industrial offers more than just providing solutions for cost-effective and efficient storage space. Cherry’s Industrial provides products that increase productivity, reduce and prevent workplace injuries and support a cleaner environment. Supplying industrial collapsible wire mesh and plastic containers are part of the commitment to excellence Cherry’s Industrial achieves.

Collapsible Plastic Container Benefits

Collapsible Plastic Containers deliver benefits in all sorts of storing and shipping commercial uses in industries like automotive manufacturers, appliance builders, beverage producers and grocery stores. They’re ideal where space is at a premium and cleanliness is important.

Collapsible storage containers made from plastic benefit many businesses involved in retail and wholesale merchandising. They’re used to store all sorts of materials like rubber, metal, hardware, soft goods, resins, paints, powders and even other plastic components. Collapsible plastic containers store food and perishable products as well as easily damaged articles like glass and ceramics.

save money with collapsible storage containers

The main benefit of a collapsible container is its ability to be folded up and put away when not in use. This saves tremendous space and works the same no matter if the container is made of wire mesh or plastic. But plastic itself has some unique benefits that make it ideally suited for containers that collapse.

Most industrial plastic containers are composed of a high-strength, highly durable material called high-density polyethylene, or HDPE. Cherry Industrial specifically offers the ORBIS brand that’s made of HDPE plastic. ORBIS collapsible containers provide the following benefits:

  • Durable and strong
  • Hold great loads for a lightweight product
  • Provide excellent protection for contents
  • Indestructible for normal handling
  • Maximize folding and stacking
  • Save space when collapsed
  • Easy to move and transport
  • Highly resistant to weather and pollutants
  • Easy to clean and safe to handle
  • Non-toxic and will not transfer contaminants
  • Environmentally friendly and completely recyclable
  • Reusable, time and time again

Plastic storage containers are completely superior to conventional containers made from wood or corrugated cardboard. They are stronger and far outlast their historical counterparts. Plastic does not rot like wood or deteriorate in wet conditions as cardboard does. Their longer life means using less raw materials, which is considerably better for the environment.

Plastic containers take a fraction of the room that fixed containers require when not in use. They’re built to take exactly the same content volume when folded out and in use, but once you’re done using them, they’re out of sight and out of the way. They’re built to take exactly the same content volume when folded out and in use, but once you’re done using them, they’re out of sight and out of the way.

Collapsible Plastic Container Sizes

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment carries collapsible plastic containers in various sizes. These reusable and durable containers are excellent stackable/foldable solutions for storage with a capacity up to 2,000 pounds. The ORBIS BulkPack line offers sizes for light, medium and heavy-duty loads. They’re forklift compatible, making them easy to transport, move, stack, collapse and fold.

Collapsible storage containers offer benefits in all product sizes, including:

  • Light-duty containers for small parts like electrical components. These are compact bins that stack, fold and store easily.
  • Medium-duty collapsible bulk containers for heavier hardware and tools that require strength to hold weight but can still be folded flat. Size 32” by 30” is the standard medium-duty size, but they are also available in 25” and 34” standing heights. Collapsed, they’re nearly flat.
  • Heavy-duty storage containers are for the big commodities. They’re pallet-like in footprint, and these plastic containers are easily picked up and sorted by a forklift. Many automotive and appliance manufacturers use heavy-duty collapsible plastic containers in their industrial settings. Standard heavy-duty dimensions are 32” by 30”, 40” by 48” and 48” by 45”. Fully expanded, these large and strong plastic containers range in height from 18” to 34” and can be stacked six high, even when fully loaded.
Cherry's Industrial storage reduces workplace injuries

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment also carries general purpose collapsible containers in the plastic line. Containers in the KLAPA line are made from impact-resistant, high-pressure injected molded polypropylene and feature ventilated decks and drop-down side doors for easy access. This makes order picking and inventory management a breeze.

Cherry’s Industrial offers other options for extended heights and lengths. These plastic containers have the same excellent benefits as the regular line of products but give the convenience of being able to customize the containers for a specific application. Stretching the containers longer and higher appeals to specialty industries like aerospace that often have difficulty fitting parts and components into conventionally sized containers.

Collapsible Wire Mesh Container Benefits

While plastic storage containers have their own benefits, it’s important to consider that many storage containers offered by Cherry’s Industrial Equipment are made of metal. The most common material is wire mesh that’s finished by a galvanized process or is painted by powder coating.

Cherry’s wire mesh containers are robotically constructed by welding two-gauge helical hinged wire. The two-inch by two-inch or four-inch by four-inch patterns form strong, dependable and functional basket-like containers to meet unique storage needs. Wire mesh is a fast and economical method of construction. It’s perfect for indoor use as well as some outdoor applications.

Wire mesh containers come with many attractive options. Available are drop-gates, side doors, latches, identification nameplates, stacking feet, casters, dividers, running bars and stackable feet. All are available as a mix-and-match order, or they can be custom applied to a specific setting.

plastic storage containers superior industrial storage

Industrial wire mesh containers come in collapsible designs, much like the plastic models. Wire mesh storage containers have many similar benefits to plastic construction, but they’re often the first choice for many equipment purchasing decisions. There are four significant benefits of wire mesh containers:

  • Better visibility: Both the two-inch by two-inch and four-inch by four-inch mesh wire designs allow excellent visibility into what the containers are holding. The smaller mesh is suitable for tiny parts or bags while the bigger mesh uses less material, saving weight. Order pickers and material managers spend less time searching for products and more time selecting them and getting materials out the door.
  • Easier accessibility: Wire mesh containers are available with drop-down doors that allow fast and easy access to the contents. This again saves time in stocking, picking and restocking. By not having to move bins, the wire containers’ easy-access features create a safe workplace for material handlers.
  • Vertical storage: Wire mesh containers are designed to be stacked on top of each other. Vertical storage means effective storage and less footprint space used. The superior strength of wire mesh allows much greater weights to be held than other traditional containers constructed from wood or cardboard.
  • Collapsible design: Like their plastic cousins, wire mesh containers are available in a collapsible design. This benefits the storage facility by having every container that’s not in use be folded flat and tucked away. This leaves far more space in the storage area to be put to better use than stocking bulky, empty shelves.

Observant warehouse managers see these other benefits to selecting wire mesh containers:

  • Exceptionally strong, with the ability to stack 4,000-pound loads
  • Durable and resistant to external forces
  • Economical to produce and purchase
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Superior ventilation lets air move freely
  • Safe due to strong, stable bases
  • Easy to clean with no dirt-capturing crevasses
  • Versatile with many sizes and additional features
  • Customizable for specific job requirements
collapsible containers great for automotive industry

Wire mesh collapsible containers from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment are available in a range of dimensions and load capacities. For ease of storage, distribution and product fulfillment, these strong and steady storage bins are ideally suited for countless different industries. Wire mesh units are available in these five sizes:

Industrial Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers Are Available in Custom Sizes

Customization is one of the biggest benefits customers get from working with Cherry’s Industrial. Benefiting from the space savings gained from collapsible storage containers is a huge return. But Cherry’s Industrial goes a step further in client benefits by having an easy solution for hard situations. Cherry’s Industrial collapsible wire mesh containers are modified or simply created from scratch.

Over three decades of experience has taught the design professionals at Cherry’s Industrial that customers sometimes can’t find the exact container size, shape or capacity in their stock catalog. Despite having dozens of standard containers in many formats and with many options, these exacting clients need special attention for solving storage problems.

Cherry's wire mesh containers robotically constructed

Cherry’s Industrial professionals strive to meet the expectations and needs of industrial clients. Convenience, space, efficiency and safety can’t be sacrificed, and there’s no need to compromise by purchasing inferior equipment or even quality storage containers that don’t exactly fit demanding requirements. Cherry’s Industrial experts know this. They strive to adapt their products for every customer’s operations.

High-Performance and High-Quality Custom Storage Containers

Creating high-performance and high-quality custom storage containers is what the team of dedicated product specialists at Cherry’s Industrial Equipment excels at. They work closely with customers to understand their facility’s operations and unique requirements. They learn their client’s expectations and then cooperate to design and build the exact storage system that will bring the most efficient storage operation and result in the best return on investment.

The custom design process at Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is straightforward. Customers are first invited to browse through the vast catalog of storage solutions, including industrial collapsible plastic containers. There is a wide variety of material handling and storage ideas that are bound to come close to what a particular client needs.

Cherry's Industrial collapsible storage size ranges

When needs can’t be met with what’s available in stock or by combining any number of ideas, then a team of design specialists is assigned to create a custom solution. These experts work in a three-dimensional approach to building that custom product. They don’t just consider height, width and length of the collapsible wire mesh storage system. It’s a bit more creative than that. Here’s the process:

  • Dimensions are the first thing the designers consider. It’s vital to know the actual working space the customer has dedicated to storage in their facility. Unique sizes and dimensions of the product being handled are paramount to designing a system that works. These professionals can design and build to any dimension. The only limit is the client’s storage space.
  • Loads are a second factor the design team takes into account. Load ratings for material handling equipment and containers need to be respected. Exceeding design loads or overloading can cause the system to fail. This can result in damage to property. Worse, it can cause injuries to workers. These professionals are intricately familiar with loads and design all products to meet or exceed all anticipated material loads.
  • Functionality is the third consideration in planning custom wire storage containers. No matter how strong or what size custom-designed wire storage containers are, they have to function properly within the client’s facility. They have to serve their purpose and benefit customer needs and specific requirements.

Choose Cherry’s Industrial Equipment for Storage Solutions

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has a simple but sound approach to providing customer benefits when choosing collapsible storage containers. They provide storage and material handling equipment to perform specific tasks that customers truly need. It’s a matter of not adapting operations to equipment — it’s adapting the equipment to meet the operations.

The team at Cherry’s Industrial thrives on accepting new challenges. That might be providing the right collapsible plastic storage containers to a client’s facility. It could be assembling a system of wire mesh containers from existing stock to solve a storage problem. Or it might entail working with a new customer to design and build a fully custom storage system.

get a custom storage solution from Cherry's Industrial

When Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has their name on a product, the client is benefiting from the products and services these professionals provide. If you’re considering the benefits that Cherry’s Industrial collapsible storage containers or other excellent products deliver, make sure you check our inventory of collapsible containers.