• A Guide to Maximizing Warehouse Space with Pallet Racking Systems from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment

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    A Guide to Maximizing Warehouse Space with Pallet Racking Systems

    Proper warehouse storage can make or break an industry. In the past, many businesses with warehouse storage needs treated this storage as an afterthought, simply leaving loaded pallets on the floor or in old racks that weren’t designed for pallets. The space in large warehouses can make it seem like it’s limitless, and the simplicity of an industrial warehouse makes it look like it’s relatively cheap storage space.

    If you’re responsible for loaded pallet storage in your warehouse or facility, however, you know that’s not the case. Your warehouse floor space is counted down to the last square foot, and you need to consider things like the cost of the building, maintenance, heating, cooling and lighting as well as the salaries of the people handling your materials.

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  • Plastic vs Wood Pallets

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    comparing advantages of plastic versus wood pallets

    For almost all businesses in the manufacturing industry, pallets are a core component in their supply and distribution network. Pallets are as critical to a manufacturer’s infrastructure as wheels are for the transportation industry. Pallets are everywhere - on loading docks, in the backs of trucks, at the garden supply and sitting wide open on the floors of retail stores. You see pallets going by in bulk returns on the open beds of semi trailers and stacked up outside delivery bays. What you don’t see are the millions of hidden pallets that are nestled, stacked and racked inside the warehouses of America and the entire world.

    You even see pallets being recycled at the end of their lifecycle. They’re turned into funky furniture or quirky pieces of art. And you probably think of pallets as being crudely constructed with top and bottom deck boards nailed or screwed across three runners that form cavities where the tines from forklifts insert. If so, you’re thinking of wooden pallets that make up more than 90 percent of all pallets in existence.

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  • Manual vs. Electric Pallet Trucks

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    manual vs electric pallet trucks

    Pallet trucks are among the most common and versatile pieces of material handling equipment. You’ll find them on almost every floor in every warehouse across America. Pallet trucks, or pallet jacks as they’re also known, are the workhorse of the warehouse. They shuffle virtually every imaginable type of goods between storage, packaging and loading dock areas. For material handling businesses, pallet trucks are an indispensable tool.

    Pallet jacks have been used for handling materials since the early 1900s. Although simple in concept, pallet trucks have evolved with technology. The goal is to smoothly transport heavily loaded pallets across floors from one location to the other. That includes making material handling easy, fast, efficient and, above all, safe.

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  • Inventory Shrinkage Factors

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    What Factors Contribute to or Cause Inventory Shrinkage?

    If you work in warehousing, shipping, and distribution, manufacturing or other similar industries, inventory accounts for a considerable amount of your assets. In order to maximize productivity and profitability, it’s critical to focus on inventory shrinkage prevention and strategies to reduce the loss of valuable products and equipment. While eliminating loss entirely is virtually impossible in most high-volume settings, it is well within reach to adopt best practices for protecting your goods. Learning about what causes inventory shrinkage is the first step in preventing product damage.

    If you’re looking for ways to improve your bottom line and operate more efficiently, consider these common causes of inventory loss with ideas on how to prevent them.

    common causes of inventory loss

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  • Top Tips for Improving Loading Dock Efficiency

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    Top Tips For Improving Loading Dock Efficiency

    All distribution centers have one thing in common - the material handling zone (MHZ), or what’s commonly called the loading dock. The loading and unloading portals are the connecting point between the yard and the warehouse in all manufacturing or distribution facilities. The docks are where goods are shipped or received depending on incoming or outgoing trucks. They’re the conduit between business operations and the outside world.

    Virtually every manufacturing and warehousing facility imports or exports products. That might be finished goods destined for the retail market, perishables going to food stores or raw materials that are used in a manufacturing process. No matter what the commodity, all of these shipments are going to pass through the dock area. Docking takes time, and time is money. That’s why efficiency in the loading dock area is important for maximizing a business’s bottom line. Read More  

  • Fixed Wall Aluminum vs. Collapsible Containers

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    Finding the right industrial or warehouse storage solutions can be challenging. There are many storage container options and hundreds of competing manufacturer brands on the market. Deciding what’s right for your particular application takes research and gathering product knowledge so you can make the right choice of storage containers.

    key economic driver

    Storage space and supply capacity are critical components in the warehousing industry. Warehouse space is expensive to purchase and operate. Making the most effective and efficient use of valuable storage space is a key economic driver in business profitability. Purchasing the right storage containers can have an enormous impact on the return on that investment. Often, that’s a choice between fixed-wall aluminum and collapsible wire mesh storage containers.


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  • Benefits of Collapsible Storage Containers

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    Benefits of Collapsible Storage Containers

    Plastic collapsible storage containers are among the most popular items that Cherry’s Industrial Equipment handles.

    The best managers looking after commercial and industrial warehouses understand storage space is one of their most valuable business assets. They also know that space can be one of their most expensive overhead costs. Storage space costs money, and effective use of that vital space converts back into significant savings. Read More  

  • Rigging with Roller Skids – Safety Awareness

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    Moving heavy equipment or machinery in a work place facility is a task that should never be taken lightly (no pun intended).  In fact, thorough planning and organizing should always precede any rigging project.   Below are a few proactive safety recommendations that are worth noting prior to utilizing the MultiRoll Roller Skids, or any other brand of machinery skates.

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  • Primary Accessories to Improve Warehouse Safety

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    Every day warehouse workers are exposed to unique hazards ranging from falls from dangerous heights or varying severity of injuries caused by the misuse of heavy machinery.  You name it. The list of potential accidents is many and as a result warehouses have come to be known as one of the most hazardous work environments.  Read More  

  • Buyers Guide for Purchasing Lift Tables

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    Where do I begin when it comes to purchasing lift tables? There are many things to consider when purchasing a lift table.  To save yourself the time we recommend calling one of our product specialists at 877-350-2729 and they will be glad to assist you regarding what lift table will work best with your company’s particular application. If you would like to do some research prior to talking to a professional, here are a few questions to consider when choosing the correct lift tables.


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