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Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric Pallet Trucks

General Purpose Trucks

Cherry's electric pallet trucks allow you to transport more weight with less exertion. Our electric pallet jacks are a great tool for increasing productivity and safety in the warehouse.

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  • SPT15 - Semi Electric Pallet Truck

    SPT15 - Semi Electric Pallet Truck

    3,300 lb 27" x 48" Semi-Electric Pallet Truck ideal for light duty applications and can be used in boxed spaces.

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  • RG Electric Scissor Lifts

    RG Electric Scissor Lifts

    3,000 lbs Electric Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks equipped with a 31.5" raised height and a 3.25” lowered height. Features: 3 Position hand controls, high quality hydraulic system, finger tip release handle, leak proof pump, and poly wheels.

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    Starting at: $3,929.00

  • Electric Pallet Truck Series - EPT 3000

    Electric Pallet Truck Series - EPT 3000

    3,000 lbs Light Duty Electric Pallet Trucks equipped with two 12 Volt batteries with 70AH rating. Features a fingertip raise and lower button, horn, and belly reverse button and will typically achieve a minimum of eight (8) hours of service on one full charge.

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    Starting at: $3,999.00

  • WPT45 Electric Pallet Truck

    WPT45 Electric Pallet Truck

    4,500 lbs 27" x 45" Power Drive Pallet Truck with a raised height of 8” and 3.35” lowered height. Features: 24 Volt electrical system, high quality hydraulic pump, wrap around hand guard, “belly button” reversing switch and keyed switch.

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9 Viewings