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Collapsible Wire Storage Containers

Cherry's collapsible wire containers stack, fold and store items to reduce floor space, keeping products and equipment off the floor and out of the way to increase workplace safety. Our collapsible wire containers are perfect for use in industrial and warehouse settings where there is a need for bulk materials handling. The light weight but strong material creates an ideal low weight-to-load ratio meaning you can move more stock with less wire containers. Contents are clearly visible, even when stacked 3 and 4 containers high, making it easy to see what stored inside.

We offer two lines of folding, collapsible wire storage containers in wire mesh and rigid wire to meet the needs of your warehouse or application. These 2-gauge wire storage bins are available in a variety of sizes and designs ranging as large as a 40 x 48 x 42 inch model that can hold up to 4000 pounds. With the right storage solution, efficiency improves and there is less chance of lost or broken materials and equipment.

Need a custom wire container? Contact Cherry's today to work on a solution that meets your exact specs.